Big Data Innovation Summit

When: November 2-3

Where: London, UK

Details: Link for more information

Real Time AI Analytics for Digital Business.

Delayed business insights cost data-driven companies millions of dollars.
It’s impossible to manually track the millions of metrics that are generated in today’s digital businesses. Static thresholds for seasonal data are becoming either meaningless or generate overwhelming alert-storms. Dashboards can’t keep up with these sudden spikes, where the data ends up being yesterday’s news.

Join Anodot’s Amir Kupervas as he discusses how real time AI analytics can better identify revenue-impacting business incidents in minutes, not days or weeks. He will also cover the benefits and challenges of implementing anomaly detection, sharing industry benchmarks and customer case studies at Big Data Innovation Summit in London, November 2-3.

This event offers the opportunity to gain insight from business leaders in the field to discuss predictive analytics, big data, customer relationship management, open data, data-driven culture and much more. Details >>

Presented By Amir Kupervas

Amir Kupervas is Vice President of Business Development at Anodot, an Artificial Intelligence analytics solution that discovers business incidents in real time. Prior to joining Anodot he founded and was the CEO of the mobile startup UIU, and before that served as the CEO of Emblaze Mobile, a design house for cutting- edge mobile technology. He has held various product management positions at the leading telecom provider Orange. He holds a BA and MBA from the College of Management in Israel.