Big Data Innovation Summit

When: September 7-8

Where: Boston

Details: Link for more information

Tired of Being in the Dark? Anomaly Detection turns the lights on.

Join Anodot’s Dr. Matt Goodwin present some of the exciting developments with our AI Analytics solution at Big Data Innovation Summit in Boston, September 7-8.

The fifth annual Big Data Innovation Summit will bring together over 40+ industry speakers, 200+ world-leading organizations and data pioneers from a variety of US (and global) industries. Details >>

Presented By Dr. Matt Goodwin

Dr. Matt Goodwin obtained his Ph.D. in technology and global leadership, and is author of the book, “A Qualitative Multiple Descriptive Case Study of Fortune 500 Leadership Adoption of Social Business Platforms.” He currently focuses on strategic data innovation, systems architecture, and anomaly detection solutions for Global 500 and Fortune 1000 brands. Based in the San Francisco bay area, Matt has 12 years of enterprise & software experience, and is well-versed in the pitfalls of traditional data monitoring and business intelligence practices.