Gaming Analytics Summit

When: April 18-19

Where: San Francisco's Marriott Union Square

Details: Link for more information

The Gaming Analytics Summit is the world’s largest executive event for the gaming industry. Join Anodot  along with leaders in gaming leading analytics and data science initiatives for 2 days of unparalleled education, inspiration and networking – sharing challenges and best practices with pioneers in the data science field. For gaming, Anodot can detect drops in performance, and seamlessly correlate this data with other relevant metrics to zero in on any business incident in a way that teams can recognize and act upon.

Join Anodot at the Gaming Analytics Summit 2018, March 18-19 at San Francisco’s Marriott Union Square. We’ll be sharing our experience and insights into how AI-powered analytics applied to your volumes of data can surface critical issues, to minimize  revenue loss or  discover valuable opportunities.

Using AI analytics to detect real-time application issues, optimize gameplay experience, and maximize revenue

Bugs, imbalance, crashes, pricing glitches, and churn are all a day in the life of a gaming company. Gaming entities collect 100s of millions and in many cases billions of data points on a daily basis which makes traditional monitoring tools obsolete. Anodot has changed how gaming companies like King and Outfit7 detect, diagnose, and address abnormalities. Discover how a real-time AI powered analytics solution can accurately monitor, correlate, and alert when gameplay experience, and ultimately revenue, is negatively impacted by the maladies that constantly arise in the development and maintenance of a game.

Join Anodot’s Solutions Engineer and AI specialist, Steven Kirkpatrick present how Anodot’s gaming customers are leveraging the powerful anomaly detection capabilities of Anodot’s AI Analytitcs to proactively address business incidents in real time, minimizing revenue loss and identifying opportunities. Details >>

When: Wednesday, March 18 9:30am – 10:00am  Details >>

Presented by Steven Kirkpatrick

SteveSteven Kirkpatrick, a lifelong gaming enthusiast, is a Solutions Engineer and AI specialist at Anodot. He’s aiming to make the gaming world a better place for all, one data point at a time.