Innovation Enterprise – Business Intelligence Innovation Summit

When: November 14-15

Where: Chicago

Details: Link for more information

Data-driven Companies Gain Crucial Insights through AI-powered Analytics.

Uri Maoz and Credit Karma’s Pedro Silva will present some of the exciting developments with our AI Analytics solution at the Business Intelligence Innovation Summit in Chicago, November 14-15.

The static nature of BI tools today results in business insight latency that costs companies millions of dollars. Uri Maoz will explain how data-centric companies like Web-based businesses, AdTech, FinTech and IoT can gain crucial real-time business incident detection through anomaly detection in order to optimize their business performance. Then, Pedro Silva, Senior Product Manager at Credit Karma, will discuss Credit Karma’s usage of anomaly detection, and the benefits of easy monitoring, real-time alerting and altogether a fair and healthy business monitoring.  Details >>

Presented By

Credit KarmaPedro Silva is the Senior Product Manager behind the Recommendation System at Credit Karma, in San Francisco, California.  This engine drives the personalization of the user experience for 70MM members each time they log in to Credit Karma’s apps and website. Prior to Credit Karma, he was product managing Bing at Microsoft, where he helped plan and launch it in the US and International markets. He is passionate about machine learning, occasionally participating in competitions to keep his technical skills sharp.



Uri Maoz serves as VP of US Business for Anodot based in San Francisco, California. Uri has over 15 years of experience in the software industry, in which he led Product Management, R&D and Business Development. He was in charge of the development, implementation and sales of various analytics and machine learning products.