MSPs can’t afford to use a Cloud Management Solution (CMS) that doesn’t follow their FinOps standards. Even with useful features, if a CMS hasn’t seen significant upgrades since its launch, it’s likely outdated and not meeting industry standards.

If you can’t count on a CSM for the best FinOps recommendations, can you call them reliable partners?

That’s just one of the major differentiators between us (Anodot) and Yotascale. But let’s really explore why Anodot is the best choice for comprehensive cloud management solutions.

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Anodot vs. Yotascale: Which FinOps Provider Should MSPs Trust?

Background of Anodot

We’re a next-generation certified FinOps platform with the official badge to prove it. Our features reduce cloud waste and manage costs in multi-cloud and Kubernetes environments. Don’t worry—we’ve got the numbers to back this statement up. Our solution offers 70 actionable savings recommendations, helping MSPs save an average of 40% on annual cloud spending by reducing the time to detect and resolve revenue-critical issues by up to 80%.

Why Anodot is the go-to for MSPs and FinOps

Anodot is the only certified FinOps platform tailored specifically for optimizing cloud financial management across the three leading public cloud providers: AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Why else?

We offer 100% visibility into KPIs and baselines, customizable cost allocation, advanced reporting tools, and savings suggestions. Basically, we eliminate the guesswork from your cloud strategy, making implementing a high-quality FinOps environment easier.


Need more details on what we offer? We’ve got you!

Advanced Features for MSPs

  • Drive strategic procurement and pricing decisions
  • Transform cloud unit economics
  • Simplify and automate internal operations
  • Advanced cost allocation, reporting, and billing rules
  • Custom charge types, credit management, and SP/RI reallocation

Extensive Library of Recommendations

  • 70 types of actionable savings recommendations (We know we mentioned it, but we’re proud of that number!)
  • A library of usage and rate optimizations across AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Continuously optimize your cloud infrastructure
  • Prioritize based on the impact you’re seeing in cloud activity
  • Track your savings history to make informed decisions on eliminating cloud waste

Market-leading AI & Machine Learning

  • Adaptive forecasting and anomaly detection
  • Patented ML-based algorithms to avoid costly mistakes
  • One-year forecast with 95% accuracy using just two months of historical data
  • Optimize commitment purchases and negotiate long-term discounts
  • CostGPT: Generative AI FinOps assistant for instant insights into cloud costs

This is just a quick look at what we offer. Let’s chat more if you want more info!

Anodot vs. Yotascale: Which FinOps Provider Should MSPs Trust?

Yotascale is a cloud cost management platform that helps organizations manage, optimize, and reduce their cloud spending. It offers tools and analytics to provide insights into cloud costs and usage patterns across providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Why Yotascale is secondary for MSPs and FinOps?

Yotascale offers basic CMS features, but more is needed to meet the specialized needs of MSPs and FinOps. For companies seeking high scalability, Yotascale’s services may struggle to match the innovative FinOps solutions they wish to implement.

Here’s a quick comparison:


Savings Anodot Yotascale
AWS Recommendations
36 Recommendations

Savings Plans Recommendation
Export from AWS Advisor
GCP Recommendations
6 Recommendations

Export from GCP Recommendations Hub
Azure Recommendations
26 Recommendations

Export from Azure Advisor
Recommendations Historical View


Services Anodot Yotascale
Savings Customer Support

Anodot or Yotascale: Which gives MSPs the capabilities needed for FinOps practices?

MSPs don’t just work for themselves; they help businesses manage and optimize their cloud environments. That’s why most work in a FinOps framework to earn credibility and trust from their customers.

Anodot and Yotascale are choices to enhance your MSP offerings. Yet, for those aiming to elevate their business and distinguish themselves, Yotascale may need more tailored FinOps solutions to cater to your cloud clientele effectively.

Anodot is built with FinOps in mind and frequently innovates its features so its users can manage cloud costs as efficiently as possible. Our platform is designed to help MSPs automate rebilling processes accurately, eliminating manual tasks and third-party tools. We don’t just offer standard recommendations; we provide the information to give you actual savings in the cloud. With Anodot as a partner, your MSP can scale, thrive, and earn the trust of your cloud customers.

See it in action!

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