Last weekend, British Airways experienced a major IT glitch that left thousands of travelers stranded. While the system was only down for a few minutes in total, no backup kicked in and so the damage reached into all different departments including booking, baggage handling, mobile apps and check-in desks. In the end, all London Heathrow and Gatwick flights were canceled for the rest of the day. Needless to say, passengers and employees all experienced frustration during what should have been a festive holiday weekend.

According to MediaWatch, angry passengers took to social media to complain about their experiences including lack of information from British Airways and of course the end results including “ruined weddings and weekend plans, relatives stranded, and being stuck on tarmacs for hours, without being offered complimentary drinks.”

Some estimates have reached up to £120 million in damages and compensation.

Earlier this week, Anodot CEO David Drai was interviewed for an Information Age article where he explained how implementing advanced business analytics tools like Anodot can correlate a company’s raw data to quickly identify anomalous behavior and catch incidents in real time. Detecting issues in real time would have given British Airways’ technical teams the the opportunity to find and fix the issue before it spiraled into a crisis.

We’ve been keeping a running log of recent glitches that have wrecked havoc across various industries. Real-time incident detection can keep the glitch from hitting the fan.


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Written by Anodot

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