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Amazon S3 buckets are commonly used to store huge amounts of data by thousands of organisations worldwide. Upload your CSV files to S3 buckets, managed by you or by Anodot, and Anodot will get the data from these files every minute or more to provide you real-time Autonomous Analytics and send you the alerts you need using one or more of our Alert channels.

How do I get started?

It’s actually pretty simple. Go to the Anodot web app and select Amazon S3 in the Data Manager section. Anodot connects in a matter of minutes, and starts monitoring all its data for anomalous behavior.

Take Your Data Further

Anodot seamlessly combines your Amazon S3 metrics and events with other data sources into our centralized Autonomous Analytics platform. Get ready for the humanly impossible - smart, real-time visibility across millions of metrics.


Add Amazon S3 as a data source in the Anodot web app.


Once synced, Anodot automatically starts monitoring all your Amazon S3 data in real time.

Get Alerts

Anodot notifies you when it detects anomalies in your Amazon S3 data, via email, push notification, Slack, PagerDuty or even Webhook.

Run Forecasts

See what the future holds. Run forecasts over your Amazon S3 data and plan ahead.