Many companies that track metrics can benefit from integrating Anodot’s unique anomaly detection into their solution as an OEM. These can include companies that specialize in security technology, analytics, business intelligence, IT solutions, and more.

Detecting anomalies is a complex process, and Anodot’s data scientists have created dozens of algorithms – some of which are patented – to handle a vast range of metrics and behavior. Rather than try to do this on your own, you can easily add a layer of Anodot anomaly detection to your solution.

By offering Anodot anomaly detection as an OEM, your customers and monitoring teams will gain from rapid detection of important events reflected in the data, and can receive early warning about issues.

The process to access Anodot anomaly detection is straightforward. Simply use the Anodot-provided API to stream data into Anodot’s cloud. Then start retrieving the anomalies in real time via API. Anomaly alerts can be easily integrated into your offering via JSON API.

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