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Boost revenue, while instilling trust and confidence in your customers

Operationally, Ad Tech tools must work at lightning speeds to offer and complete bids for ad inventory. Meanwhile both historical and real-time data must be analyzed to inform and optimize those operational actions.

With so many components to keep track of, real-time bidding presents many challenges. Every minute of downtime or error in programmatic ads translates into major losses.

Ad Tech providers need to instill trust and confidence in customers by detecting and diagnosing issues early to take preemptive actions before they turn into crises.

Anticipate any business issues before they impact customer campaigns

Detect and diagnose issues early, resolve them quickly, and take preemptive actions, before they turn into crises.

Real-time Data Insights

Anodot Quickly Gets to the Root of the Issue

Throughout the bid stream, there are many potential areas for communication or technical breakdown that could prevent a bid from going into the auction and impact the overall health of the business. Anodot’s advanced machine-learning BI and analytics solution, helps companies identify trends and correlations in real time.

Anodot provides companies with a centralized, AI-based platform that detects, correlates, and alerts on relevant and important trends that could positively or negatively affect adtech service business. Anodot automatically identifies and groups related metrics, even before an anomaly occurs. This way, the most important anomalies are quickly identified and ranked, providing crucial information to allow companies to quickly get to the root of the issue.

Complete Business Incident Detection and Notification

Anodot’s AI Analytics tracks all the ad tech-related KPIs you need to know, like:

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Completion Rates
  • Percentage Complete
  • Time Spent Viewing
  • Interactive Ad Formats
  • Cost Per Mille
  • Reach
  • Engagement Rate

Customer Successes


“Our clients are also very happy with us giving more detailed service and really being able to solve problems that used to either go undetected or take days to solve. We solve them in a matter of hours.”

Travis Johnson

VP of Engineering, AppNexus

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Discover Business Incidents in Real Time

“Anodot…allowing more businesses to identify issues and opportunities in real time that otherwise could have taken weeks to discover.”

David Menninger,
Ventana Research