Anodot AI-powered Analytics for

Stop the glitches that can leak revenue

Ecommerce companies face the ongoing challenge to increase sales by improving conversion rates, reducing cart abandonment and recommending relevant offers to visitors, and much more. This is further compounded by revenue-impacting issues like price glitches and integration errors that can occur at the touch of a button.

Trying to identify the cause of an incident in a timely fashion can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, particularly when you’re faced with interpreting continuously changing data from dozens of different sources.

Prevent Revenue Leaks and Capture New Business Opportunities

Track and find incidents in real-time metrics extracted from a variety of internal and external data sources.

Real-time Data Insights

Anodot Quickly Gets to the Root of the Issue

Anodot’s AI analytics solution is ideal for retailers and pure-play ecommerce companies, automatically learning the normal behavior of streaming data, seasonal, or other complex patterns, and then alerting on any metric or combination of metrics that behave abnormally.

With Anodot, you can detect and diagnose issues early, resolve them quickly, and take preemptive actions, before they turn into retail or ecommerce crises.

Complete Business Incident Detection and Notification

Anodot’s AI Analytics tracks all the E-commerce related KPIs you need to know, like:

  • Transactions and orders
  • Transactions/orders error rate
  • Page views per visit
  • Average order size/basket size/cart size
  • Conversion rate
  • Shopping cart abandonment rate
  • New customer orders vs returning customer sales
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Unique visitors vs returning visitors
  • Average time on site

Customer Successes


“It was clear very quickly that Anodot provides a ton of value to both business and technical teams.”

Pedro Silva

Sr Product Manager, Credit Karma

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Take a closer look at how Anodot’s AI analytics delivers insights for ecommerce companies.


Discover Business Incidents in Real Time

“Anodot…allowing more businesses to identify issues and opportunities in real time that otherwise could have taken weeks to discover.”

David Menninger,
Ventana Research