Anodot AI-powered Analytics for

Web Businesses

Optimize Data in Real-Time across the Business

Web-based businesses are click- and usage-driven, where customer satisfaction and recurring revenue are intricately tied together. Tracking millions of metrics with updates often by the minute, across global operations, you need to ensure 24×7 service uptime with uninterrupted availability of customer data.

Rapid insights into user behavior on your site can help business and data analysts identify where programs are working well or give early warning for problems and reduce customer churn.

Analyze Immense Quantities of Business and Technical Metrics

Web-based businesses can use automated anomaly detection to analyze immense quantities of metrics relevant to the business. Automation reduces the delays associated with manual analysis by funneling data from thousands of sources and millions of website users into one integrated analytics platform.

Real-time Data Insights

Anodot Quickly Gets to the Root of the Issue

Anodot’s real-time AI Analytics can help web businesses maintain a single unified platform to capture data from thousands of sources, and identify and interpret trends and anomalies as they happen for more rapid root cause analysis.

By analyzing daily, weekly, seasonal, and annual trends, the Anodot system sets a baseline, enabling the determination of abnormal events and removing the problems associated with overly sensitive dashboards, alert fatigue, and false positives.

Complete Incident Detection and Notification

Anodot’s AI Analytics tracks all the web business-related KPIs you need to know, like:

  • Transactions/orders error rate
  • Page views per visit
  • Pageviews
  • Events
  • Unique pageviews
  • Users
  • Bounce session rate
  • New user rate
  • Page download time
  • Page load time
  • Unique visitors vs returning visitors
  • Average time on site

Customer Successes


“By tracking specific metrics with Anodot, we can know when an anomaly occurs in real time, and correlate it to a specific event, like a feature update. When something changes suddenly, I want to know about it immediately. Anodot helps us achieve this.”

Oded Avissar

 Director of Production Engineering, LivePerson

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Web-based businesses can use automated anomaly detection to analyze immense quantities of metrics relevant to the business.

You’re in Great Company

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Discover Business Incidents in Real Time

“Anodot…allowing more businesses to identify issues and opportunities in real time that otherwise could have taken weeks to discover.”

David Menninger,
Ventana Research