Partner Monitoring

Real-time content delivery monitoring

Monitor 100% of your content delivery network in real time to detect issues much faster. By going autonomous, you can provide the best user experience, with optimal traffic routing between CDN providers.

Uncover hidden insights

Gain granular visibility into CDN performance. Anodot automatically analyzes the vast volumes of CDN data to detect anomalies at the origin or the edge:

DNS failures

HTTP errors

TCP timeouts

Time to first byte

Cache hit/miss ratio

Origin throughput

Why is CDN Monitoring Critical?

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are a crucial part of any organization’s digital experience. Many organizations rely on multiple CDN providers, utilizing geo-specific CDNs and real-time performance-based routing to ensure performance around the globe. Static monitoring approaches, based on dashboards and manual thresholds, aren’t sensitive, robust or agile enough to withstand this monitoring challenge. When a CDN goes down, it can take heaping portions of the internet along with it, as demonstrated by Fastly’s recent configuration error. AI/ML-based autonomous solutions provide the fastest possible detection of CDN incidents, helping organizations deliver superior user experience at all times. With Anodot, IT departments can benchmark CDN performance, hold CDN vendors accountable to SLAs, quickly detect performance issues at the edge or origin, and lower the mean time to resolution.

No data blind spots

Anodot is an autonomous monitoring solution that uses patented technology to monitor 100% of your data in real-time. Anodot learns the normal behavior of all your CDN metrics and constantly monitors their every move. Simply use our API or one of our built-in collectors to connect and autonomously monitor your CDN providers.

Real-time actionable alerts

Anodot autonomously distills billions of data events into the single spot-on alerts that you need to know about right now, so you can detect CDN issues faster. For each incident, Anodot groups correlated anomalies and identifies all events and contributing factors, for the fastest time to resolution. Alerts are seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow through text, email, Slack, Jira, Webhook, PagerDuty or any of your other favorite channels. 

Fully autonomous CDN monitoring

Anodot is a completely autonomous solution, so there’s no need to define what data to look for or when, no manual thresholds to set up or update. Furthermore, with Anodot’s adaptive alert dashboard anyone in your company can easily create custom CDN monitors. The system’s alert reduction mechanism ensures that you can leave alert storms, false positives, and unidentified incidents behind. 

Take your business monitoring to the next level

Monitor all your data

Detect first

Fully autonomous