Revenue and Cost Monitoring

Autonomous gaming monetization monitoring

Get spot-on, real-time alerts on critical incidents in any of your monetization channels with Anodot’s fully autonomous monitoring platform.

Observe every monetization channel & metric

Quickly finding glitches and errors that hurt your revenue streams and user experience is critical to your business. Anodot automatically analyzes the vast volumes of monetization data generated from your games’ in-app purchases, advertising, and payments for anomalies in:

Revenue & Subscriptions

CPMs & Fill Rates

Free to Paid Conversions

Purchase Failures

Payment Errors


Stay on top of your monetization channels

Gaming companies drive revenue from multiple sources such as in-app purchases, ads and subscriptions. Every time an in-app purchase fails, an ad is not displayed, or a user is not converted to a paying customer, revenue is lost. Experienced teams understand their game’s permutational complexities: the operating systems, levels, user segments, different devices, geos, promotions, and so much more. Failures to monetize can happen in any one of these permutations, making their detection very difficult, if not impossible, with traditional monitoring and alerting methods such as dashboards and manual thresholds. With thousands to millions of revenue related metrics to monitor, an autonomous solution is required. Our AI-powered anomaly detection finds the glitches and errors that hurt the revenue stream and user experience, so you can remediate as quickly as possible. Anodot’s solution has been proven to reduce up to 70% of losses caused by monetization issues for multiple game studios.

Connect your monetization data

Anodot is an autonomous monitoring solution that uses patented technology to learn the normal behavior of all your monetization metrics and constantly monitor their every move. Anodot monitors 100% of your monetization channels in real-time. Simply use our API or one of our built-in collectors to connect and autonomously monitor your monetization data.

Get real-time revenue alerts

Anodot autonomously distills billions of monetization events into the single spot-on alerts that you need to know about right now, so you can detect changes in monetization behavior faster. For each incident, Anodot groups correlated anomalies and identifies all contributing factors and events, for the quickest time to resolution. Each incident is ranked according to our patented Significance Score technology. Alerts are seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow through text, email, Slack, Jira, Webhook, PagerDuty or any of your other favorite channels.

Autonomously monitor your monetization channels

Anodot is a completely autonomous solution, so there’s no need to define what data to look for or when, no manual thresholds to set up or update. And — you can easily create advanced monetization monitors with Anodot’s adaptive alert dashboard. The system’s alert reduction mechanism ensures that alert storms, false positives, and unidentified incidents behind are left behind.

Take your gaming monetization monitoring to the next level

Real-time high-definition coverage

Fastest incident detection and resolution

Fully autonomous analytics