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Gartner Names Anodot 2016 Cool Vendor in Analytics

“In the age of Big Data, machine learning is a must have, and with our patented algorithms, Anodot is disrupting traditional BI.” -David Drai, CEO and co-founder of Anodot.

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Ad tech

Learn immediately how campaigns, clicks, bids and other key indicators are performing, to increase your customers’ ROI.



Track and understand machine data so you can proactively maintain them, keeping costs down and customers happy.


Ecommerce / Web Business

Monitor conversion and understand on-site behavior to keep engagement levels high and increase customer retention.

How Anodot Works


Unified, Scalable

Break down silos: BI, R&D and Devops share the same platform for business and IT metrics.

Real Time

Eliminate costly insight latency.
Predict issues before they become major ones.

Automated Anomaly Detection

Insights and alerts go far beyond static thresholds and traditional dashboards with machine learning

& Correlate

Automated anomaly grouping allows for faster root cause investigation, and eliminates alert storms.

  • “Before Anodot, we were constantly chasing the data and feeling like we were missing something with our traditional BI solutions. Now Anodot helps us find problems (and good issues) as they happen. We are improving campaign ROI for our customers in real time as a result of Anodot.”
    Ran Avidan, CTO, StartApp

    Ran Avidan, StartApp
  • “Anodot detected anomalies which showed a decline in user engagement or failures for our customers’ marketing campaigns. Early detection of such issues helps our customers increase their marketing campaigns efficiency and increase their ROI significantly.”

    Yaniv Shalev, Convertro (AOL Company)

    Yaniv Shalev, Convertro (AOL Company)
  • “With Anodot, we are able to detect very early and change decisions that have direct impact on our key business activities. We can also investigate issues in minutes, not hours. It does its magic every day, with little effort on our side. Anodot has become a must have solution across a variety of our groups – BI, R&D and the DevOps team.”

    Mark Sonis, Wix

    Mark Sonis, Wix

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