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Optimize your business with the power of AI

Anodot enables organizations to leverage the transformational power of AI to optimize their business. Anodot’s AI-driven, autonomous business monitoring solution identifies revenue-critical business incidents, providing real-time alerts and forecasts. Our customers use Anodot to protect revenue, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.


Business monitoring autonomously and in real-time

Anodot was founded in 2014 by a team with deep experience in AI and DevOps with the goal of taking a completely new approach to analytics and business monitoring. Monitoring autonomously and in real-time was a much needed solution for data driven companies that struggle to monitor metrics at scale. In just a few years, Anodot raised tens of millions in VC funding and is proud to serve industry leaders such as T-Mobile, Atlassian, Fidelity, Nordstrom, King and more.

Our core values

Our core values are the foundation which informs how we treat our employees, customers and partners

People first

When it comes to business success, we believe employees build the best companies. We invite everyone to ‘be the anomaly’ and celebrate the unique contributions each person has to offer.


We are self starters. We initiate new ideas and drive innovation. We focus on finding solutions and making an impact and have a can-do attitude in the way we think, feel and act.


Everyone from leadership to interns share ideas, knowledge and successes. We live by a no ego rule with everyone working toward a winning product through collaboration, partnership, and respect.


We iterate fast, improve, and hone until perfect. We work in small teams to keep the organization nimble and believe efficiency and effectiveness go together.

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Capture incidents before they impact customers

“Anodot allows us to capture incidents sometimes an hour or two before they actually created a customer experience impact. We’re using this, as we modernize our network, to get more sophistication and to also take complexities away from our operations people.”

Dr. Kim Larsen

Detect and resolve issues 30% faster

“Anodot’s technology was deployed within days, seamlessly, across our network. Connected to different data sources and dozens of use cases, it is now deeply rooted throughout our entire organization. As a result, we’ve optimized operations performance and reduced cost by detecting and resolving issues 30% faster.”
Viacheslav Tsyganov
CIO, Vice President, and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Anodot worldwide

Anodot is headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, and Ra’anana, Israel, with 120 employees at offices worldwide

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