Detect & resolve operational incidents fast

Anodot filters out the noise and targets the operational issues that matter

Why Fintechs choose Anodot

Fintech leaders like Payoneer, Tinkoff Bank, and eToro use Anodot to detect and resolve operational incidents before they impact the customer experiences. Anodot’s powerful and easy-to-use anomaly detection and triage technologies help fintechs stay on top of their operations, deliver flawless customer experience, and optimize approval rates and fees.

How Fintechs use Anodot


Digital banking operations

Anodot’s AI-driven platform learns the expected behavior across all permutations of digital banking — including payment approvals, merchant activity, partner APIs, deposits and withdrawals, login attempts, and more — and alerts teams in real-time to any incident, delivering the full context of what is happening, where and why.

“Anodot’s technology was deployed within days, seamlessly, across our network. Connected to different data sources and dozens of use cases, it is now deeply rooted throughout our entire organization. As a result, we’ve optimized operations performance and reduced cost by detecting and resolving issues 30% faster.”
Viacheslav Tsyganov
CIO, Vice President, and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Automated payment monitoring

Whether you’re a merchant, acquirer, or payments processor, it’s crucial to have complete visibility into your payments ecosystem. Anodot helps Fintech operations teams detect transaction issues faster, intelligently route payments, and optimize approval rates.

"Anodot is a game-changer. It connects the dots together in such a quick way, in a single email - I don't see anyone else doing that. We've reduced the number of false positives to almost zero."
Yuval Molnar
Sr. Director of Production Services

Real-time trading monitoring

Leading trading companies use Anodot to autonomously detect issues that put trading reliability and performance at risk. Anodot collects data from every source to give you comprehensive, real-time insight into your online trading platform.

“For us, Anodot means rapid insights from our data, pointing us to where to look at the raw logs. This tight relationship between the two systems helps us detect incidents faster and get to the root cause faster, which is critical for our business.”
Elad Gotfrid
Director of IT Etoro

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