Drive FinOps Accountability with Cost Showback

Assign cloud costs back to business units based on actual consumption and report on usage across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and your K8s containers

Are you able to drive cost accountability?

Cost showback is a fundamental aspect of FinOps. By providing full transparency into service costs, showback drives behavior change at the engineer and business unit level.

However, implementing a showback model in a multicloud environment can be challenging because each cloud provider has its own billing rules and data. To drive cloud cost accountability across business units, you need a tool that allows you to track and allocate cloud spending across all your environments.

Identify your showback maturity level

As a starting point, consider the following questions:

  1. Can you see your costs in a multi-account/multi-provider pane of glass?
  2. Are costs tracked at the account or team level?
  3. Are you able to allocate 100% of your cloud costs? Are shared costs and discounts allocated equitably?
  4. Can you automatically ingest financial and operational data into your cost model?
  5. Do users use tags to track costs? Is your tagging governed? Is your compliance
    at high levels?
  6. Do cloud consumers and business units have access to their cost and usage data?
  7. Do they understand the important aspects of their cloud spend, as well as
    how to optimize it?

Cost accountability requires a robust, defensible, and accurate showback model.

Implement accurate showback with Anodot

Defending your showback model is extremely difficult if your linked accounts and tagging strategies are less than perfect. You must have complete visibility into both the fully burdened costs associated with each service, and the business units consuming it.

With Anodot, anyone can easily implement a robust and defensible showback model:

  • Build trust with accurate data that’s normalized and adjusted for discounts, credits, and amortization
  • Normalize your tag keys and values using virtual tags and views
  • Allocate your costs and map shared resources using business mapping
  • Report by cost center and scope using linked accounts
  • Easily visualize and report costs for each team and business unit
  • Enable drill down on both cost and usage down to the invoice line item

Give a full picture of multicloud spending

For FinOps practices to be successful, business units need to be able to see their own multicloud usage and manage it against their budgets and established KPIs.

Anodot seamlessly combines all of your business’ cloud spend — across Azure, GCP, AWS, and Kubernetes — into a single dashboard, giving your teams a multi-account/multi-provider pane of glass.