Built for Autonomous Business Monitoring

Deep 360 monitoring™ is engineered to monitor business metrics comprehensively and intelligently at enterprise scale

No more blind spots. No more “dark data.”

Deep 360 monitoring™ technology leverages AI to both learn the behavior of every single metric in HD quality and map the network of correlations between the metrics in the data. Deep 360 then mines the stream of incoming data to rapidly identify and score anomalies. Backed by four patents, Deep 360 ensures fast and accurate monitoring of the organization’s most revenue-critical metrics.

Get visibility into 100% of your data

Deep 360 seamlessly aggregates inputs from storage, databases, analytics, monitoring, APIs and SDKs, CRM and data streams into one centralized analytics platform to analyze 100% of data streams and metrics, regardless of the business’s original data architecture and silos. Starting with your machine, application, and business data at its most granular level, Anodot’s unique technology engineers an HD view of your data aggregation layers and top line KPIs.