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Anodot Autonomous Forecast

Forecast Business Growth
and Demand

Anticipate what’s coming with the highest possible
accuracy with Anodot's AI-powered forecasting

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AI-powered forecasting
in a turn-key experience

You no longer need a data scientist to forecast time series metrics. Autonomous Forecast automatically manages the machine learning required to create, train, tune and deploy a forecasting model. Getting started is simple: use our drag-and-drop data integration, select your metrics, and get forecasting.

Models automatically trained for

Our solution uses deep learning to automatically optimize forecasts. It selects a model that’s uniquely suited to your metrics from a library of predictive analytics algorithms. Data feedback is used to train your model for the highest possible accuracy.

Continuous forecasting
for operational agility

Autonomous Forecast is always on. It works on data streams in real time to provide forecasts in the moment. With these capabilities, businesses can anticipate changing conditions and optimize their operations in advance, to improve customer satisfaction and seize opportunities.

Demand forecast

Anticipate demand for inventory, products, service calls and much more.


How many drivers will I need tomorrow?

Transportation companies aim to optimize the number of drivers to run a smooth operation. Anodot’s Autonomous Forecast helps anticipate consumer demand and adapts the predictive analytics model as conditions change. Link weather forecasts, event schedules and other relevant factors to enhance model accuracy.


How much funding do I need to allocate per currency?

Fintech businesses set aside funds for future cash withdrawals. Autonomous Forecast analyzes historical data such as customer withdrawal patterns, geographic inventory and regional demographics. The platform picks the best predictive analytics model for the data, and tunes the model as variables evolve.


Growth forecast

Anticipate revenue growth, expenses, cash flow and other KPIs.

Will we hit our targets next quarter?

Accurate financial forecasting is critical for identifying future revenue and expenditure trends and their impact on a company’s goals. Executives who know their targets are at risk have the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the company’s success.