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Is the network stable?
Is the network stable?
Anodot monitors all data streams autonomously and in real time. The AI platform learns how each metric normally behaves and uses that information to identify emerging issues. Be the first to detect a sudden drop in network performance by having Anodot track the call setup success rate (CSSR), average data network quality and more, across multiple sites, devices, operators and locations. Use our Root Cause Analysis and its correlation engine to quickly evaluate causation and reduce time to remediation.
Are customers having issues with roaming services?
Are customers having issues with roaming services?
Roaming services are a composite challenge for operators, due to the sheer volume of countries and partners, complex interconnectivity, seasonal patterns, marketing plans and the risk of fraud. Each of these dimensions creates millions of monitoring events. Use our advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically learn the traffic pattern of each partner and country and identify failures in service. When issues occur, real-time alerts help you quickly steer coverage to another partner.
Is there a leak in one of my revenue streams?
Is there a leak in one of my revenue streams?
Discovering revenue leaks across a complex pipeline of network infrastructure and internal departments proves highly complex. Manual analytics only increase the time to detect. Anodot easily integrates all your data sources in one centralized platform, breaking down silos to identify incidents affecting revenue streams. Our patented correlation engine clearly maps out related metrics and events for a holistic understanding of the problem and how to fix it.


Invaluable for optimizing our business

“We find Anodot's technology invaluable in identifying issues and opportunities buried deep in the data across streams of different business and IT sources to optimize our customer experience and our business."

Jason Wong

Director, Network Analytics

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