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Anodot autonomously surfaces potential issues and opportunities in real time. Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your product in one place.

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Monitoring ad performance in a segmented marketing ecosystem is a challenge. Anodot monitors every single campaign in every segment and notifies you immediately about any incident for the fastest root cause investigation.

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Serving ads at scale triggers exponential complexities. There’s simply too much going on to monitor and manage manually. Anodot’s analytics monitors 100% of data and metrics, including the backend process, data quality, continuity and ad load time, to ensure smooth platform performance and to protect the user experience.

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Running an ad platform or agency? Anodot can help you proactively manage your accounts. Monitor changes in traffic volume, quality and conversion rates. See which campaigns have “gone silent” or are at risk of churn. Use these insights to reach out to customers and resolve issues before they escalate.

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