We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Rivery to offer our data pipeline and monitoring solutions in one. Our one-click Data Kits streamline the analytics process, saving teams valuable time so they can act on business incidents fast

To kick things off, we’re releasing the Anodot Marketing Analytics Monitoring Kit. Now you can start tracking your marketing campaigns instantly, and make the moves that will make the most of your ad spend.

LIVE DEMO: Join us as we tour the new data kit

Find out, in real time, when campaigns have high CTR, low conversions, expensive spends, and adjust accordingly. Take the action to correct or boost your campaign, as soon as anomalies happen, so you can maximize revenue every step of the way.

Anodot & Rivery: A Match Made in Heaven

So how did this dynamic duo come to pass?

We actually are wondering why we haven’t thought of pairing our complementary technologies sooner! Rivery and Anodot are like peanut butter and jelly. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. Javascript and tears.

Anodot is an AI-based business monitoring platform helps customers monitor, analyze, and correlate 100 percent of company data in real time. Anodot customers can easily navigate the challenges of ever-growing data volume by isolating and correlating issues across a business as they happen. But in order to provide these insights, Anodot requires structured marketing data. 

Rivery is a DataOps platform that extracts value from data sources, deploys data operations faster, runs transformation logic to structure data, and ingests data for usage in third party business applications, such as Anodot.  By sending marketing data from Rivery to Anodot, you can quickly and autonomously identify issues in your campaigns across various marketing channels.

Working together, Anodot and Rivery offer a start-to-finish solution for marketing campaign monitoring. And so, after consulting with our mutual customers, Rivery and Anodot built the  to streamline our combined customer experience. Both of our engineering teams worked side-by-side (virtually) to produce the Kit. This Kit is the latest project in our ongoing technology partnership.

Anodot Marketing Analytics Monitoring Kit: Overview & Benefits

So what are Data Kits?

Kits provide pre-engineered, end-to-end workflow templates with data models, pipelines, transformations, table schemas, and orchestration logic — instant insights at the push of a button.

With Kits, you don’t have to spend countless hours building and maintaining data infrastructure. It’s already built for you. Deployed in a single click, Kits are designed for technical and non-technical teams alike. 

The new Anodot Marketing Analytics Monitoring Kit instantly deploys all of the data infrastructure you need — from data pipelines, to SQL transformations, to orchestration — to transform raw marketing data (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) into structured data (in this case, JSON) for Anodot. To appreciate how many headaches you’re avoiding, take a look at some of the pre-built orchestration in the Kit:  

The Kit then pushes the JSON data to Anodot using reverse ETL. Anodot can start generating insights immediately, supporting faster time-to-action and helping prevent revenue loss.

Joint customers can autonomously monitor their advertising performance while spending more time on mission-critical projects. Anodot monitors all your advertising channels for campaign anomalies, including:

  • Clicks 
  • Impressions 
  • Conversions 
  • Reach 
  • Revenue 
  • Spend 

And much more. But of all the conveniences, the most important facet of the Kit is that it allows our mutual customers to take action fast

More Data Kits on the Way

The Anodot Marketing Analytics Monitoring Kit marks the first collaboration in the technology partnership between Rivery and Anodot. But we’re planning on many more joint ventures! Keep your eyes out for more upcoming Kits and future projects on the horizon. And try the Anodot Marketing Analytics Monitoring Kit today.

Written by Anodot

Anodot leads in Autonomous Business Monitoring, offering real-time incident detection and innovative cloud cost management solutions with a primary focus on partnerships and MSP collaboration. Our machine learning platform not only identifies business incidents promptly but also optimizes cloud resources, reducing waste. By reducing alert noise by up to 95 percent and slashing time to detection by as much as 80 percent, Anodot has helped customers recover millions in time and revenue.

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