Multicloud Cost Visibility for FinOps

Get full visibility into your multicloud environments so you can visualize, optimize, and monitor your cloud usage and costs across cloud providers and teams

Do you know what’s driving costs in your multicloud and Kubernetes environments?

Cloud costs cannot be aligned with business goals if you lack granular visibility into what drives increased spending. A rapidly scaling multicloud or Kubernetes (K8s) environment can make it difficult for you to understand what exactly is going on.

Cross-functional FinOps teams must be able to track and report cloud spend across multiple cloud platforms and siloed teams. While many cloud management platforms can uncover these costs, the complex task of tracking them collectively over time and delivering insights requires a combination of tools.

Assess your multicloud visibility

A clear understanding of your cloud and K8s usage and costs is critical to getting the most value out of your multicloud investment.

To understand if you have complete visibility, start with these questions:

  1. Can you see all your multicloud and Kubernetes data in one screen?
  2. Is your data fresh? Is it granular? Is it normalized and enriched?
  3. Do you have access to historical data? How far back?
  4. Is your organization successfully executing your tagging strategy? Where are your gaps? Can you tag untagged resources?
  5. Can you accurately tie spending data to relevant business dimensions?
  6. Can you allocate 100% of your cloud costs? If not, can you surface your unallocated costs?
  7. Does each stakeholder in your organization have the views and dashboards they need?
  8. Can you detect anomalies across cloud providers and teams?
  9. How accurate are your reports, budgets, and forecasts?
  10. Do you know your cloud unit costs, like cost per customer or product feature?

Still don’t have complete visibility despite multiple FinOps tools in place?

Get the right visibility into multicloud financials

Anodot gives you the visibility you need to gain a complete understanding of multicloud and Kubernetes spend, and to control costs across all your cloud accounts:

  • See all your multicloud and K8s data in one place
  • Track inventory, cost, usage and performance data across all resource types
  • Build trust with accurate data — normalized and adjusted for discounts, credits, and amortization — that’s refreshed every few hours
  • Best-in-class granularity (hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly), and data retention (18 to 24 months, regardless of granularity)
  • Easily visualize and report costs with unlimited views and dashboards ML-powered recommendations, budgeting, forecasting, and anomaly detection help you continuously control cost

With Anodot, everyone can see where costs are generated, who is generating them, and the value they add to the business.

Overcome gaps
in tagging

A universal tagging strategy is the foundation required to enable visibility and tie dollars spent on the cloud to revenue. However, organizational differences among cloud providers and siloed teams with different tagging strategies result in confusion for cloud FinOps teams when allocating costs.

With Anodot, FinOps teams can unify disparate cloud spending and skip endless tagging using virtual tags and categories to group tagged and untagged resources. This allows business leaders to see where their dollars are going and with what ROI.

Take the complexity out of cost allocation

FinOps teams can easily classify and divide cloud costs by business structures and intelligently allocate 100% of their cloud spend using Anodot’s advanced business mapping capabilities.

Accurately map spending data to relevant business dimensions without overlap, assign shared costs equitably, and report cloud spend in a way that suits your organization.

Drive unit economics at scale

Anodot helps you understand your cloud unit economics by aligning your cloud costs to key business dimensions. Visualize your entire infrastructure, track and report on unit costs such as cost per customer, and get a clear picture of how your infrastructure and economies are changing.

With Anodot, FinOps teams can calculate multi-cloud and Kubernetes unit costs and easily answer questions such as, “for each dollar spent in K8s, how many dollars of revenue did we generate?”