Savings recommendations maximize your cloud efficiency

Anodot’s data-driven insights and easy-to-action savings recommendations help you reduce cloud costs by optimizing how you use and purchase AWS, Azure, and GCP

Continuously optimize your cloud infrastructure and eliminate waste

With Anodot’s personalized recommendations, you’ll always know your next best move. Rightsize your infrastructure, analyze and tune your commitments, and discover and eliminate cloud waste in near real time.

Anodot helps FinOps teams prioritize recommendations by justifying their impact with a projected performance and savings impact. After a recommendation is approved for implementation, engineers have clear CLI and console instructions they can follow remediation, and can verify the impact of their actions the way they prefer: using the cloud provider-native interface.

Pinpoint multicloud resource waste

Companies often overestimate how much of their cloud spend is wasted. Since cloud providers charge for the services you provision, not the ones you consume, you must be able to identify and manage cloud resource waste.

With Anodot, you can continuously identify
and remediate all types of cloud waste, including:

  • Idle resources
  • Unattached IPs
  • Orphaned volumes
  • Inefficient containerization
  • Underutilized databases
  • Outdated snapshots
  • Unnecessary data transfer
  • Instances that use legacy resource types