Savings recommendations maximize your cloud efficiency

Anodot’s data-driven insights and easy-to-action savings recommendations help you reduce cloud costs by optimizing how you use and purchase AWS, Azure, and GCP

Do you know what cloud savings action to take next?

The increasing complexity of multicloud services makes it difficult to manage and optimize your infrastructure. FinOps and Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) teams want to reduce cloud costs but don’t know where to start, or what to do next.

As you progress along your FinOps journey, you’ll face multiple competing initiatives. It can be challenging to prioritize cost optimization recommendations and make sure the right decisions are being made. Identifying the engineering efforts and potential savings can help your team in determining its priorities.

Evaluate your cloud rate optimization efforts

Finance stakeholders have a very difficult time getting engineers to take action and even harder time improving their overall effective cloud savings rate.

To determine if you have a strong foundation for optimizing your efforts, consider the following questions:

  1. Can you identify idle or unattached cloud resources?
  2. Can you track cloud waste trends over time?
  3. How do you evaluate and implement recommendations?
  4. Are recommendations passed “over the fence” to engineering?
  5. Do you review recommendations with stakeholders who understand the applications and architecture?
  6. Are you able to track the impact of implemented recommendations?
  7. If a recommendation can not be acted on, can you mute it for an agreed period of time to cut out noise?
  8. Do you continuously evaluate the impact of new releases/updates from cloud providers?
  9. Can you identify unused commitment-based discounts with daily resolution?
  10. Do you know when commitment utilization declines, stops being used, or needs attention when it deviates from the norm?
  11. Are stakeholder teams notified early enough about expiring commitments to plan new purchases?

Continuously optimize your cloud infrastructure and eliminate waste

With Anodot’s personalized recommendations, you’ll always know your next best move. Rightsize your infrastructure, analyze and tune your commitments, and discover and eliminate cloud waste in near real time.

Anodot generates personalized insights using a robust library of savings recommendations — more than 40 types — which are continuously updated to consider the newest releases and innovations from the major cloud service providers.

Anodot helps FinOps teams prioritize recommendations by justifying their impact with a projected performance and savings impact. After a recommendation is approved for implementation, engineers have clear CLI and console instructions they can follow remediation, and can verify the impact of their actions the way they prefer: using the cloud provider-native interface.

Pinpoint multicloud resource waste

Companies often overestimate how much of their cloud spend is wasted. Since cloud providers charge for the services you provision, not the ones you consume, you must be able to identify and manage cloud resource waste.

With Anodot, you can continuously identify
and remediate all types of cloud waste, including:

  • Idle resources
  • Unattached IPs
  • Orphaned volumes
  • Inefficient containerization
  • Underutilized databases
  • Outdated snapshots
  • Unnecessary data transfer
  • Instances that use legacy resource types