June 18, 2024

Anodot Forms Strategic Partnership with YäRKEN to Deliver Full Observability and AI-Based Cost Management Across Hybrid Cloud

Deal paves way for Anodot solution to power YäRKEN hybrid cloud cost management platform. TEL AVIV—June 18, 2024, PR NEWSWIRE—Anodot, a cloud cost management platform, has signed another strategic partnership, this time with the global FinOps and TBM platform, YäRKEN. Based in Auckland with a global customer base, YäRKEN provides innovative solutions across all of tech spend including legacy and cloud platforms.  Under the  agreement, Anodot and Yarken will share technology to integrate it to give their customers the ability to manage both on-premises and private cloud cost from a single interface. The collaboration with YäRKEN follows a series of successful deals and rapid sales growth of 300% since the beginning of 2024. Most recently, Anodot signed deals with MSPs including ACA Group, Automat-IT and UBTech earlier this year. Recent license changes and partner program restructuring at VMware has caused increased interest in Anodot as an alternative to VMware CloudHealth. Anodot is an AI-based cost management platform that detects waste, tracks savings and provides transparency on current and future costs. It allows users to facilitate strategic financial planning and management of multi-cloud, Kubernetes pods and SaaS tools. It features a multi-tenant, multi-billing platform that optimizes costs across departments, teams, products, unit economics and tenants.  YäRKEN is a tech cost management platform that enhances profitability and reduces tech spend by providing comprehensive cost optimization across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments, integrating data for a holistic view of tech investments. Key features include legacy platform TCO, Application TCO, IT planning, and Showback/Chargeback, ensuring precise financial control.  “Anodot and YäRKEN are a perfect strategic match,” said David Drai, CEO and co-founder of Anodot. “Our technology uses AI to help enterprises discover inefficiencies in their cloud spend, and YäRKEN’s platform helps those same organizations manage cloud spend across on-prem and cloud deployments. Together, we’re building an impressive value proposition to help customers improve their efficiency and margins. With the introduction of FOCUS 1.0, we are setting a new standard that will elevate cost observability to unprecedented levels.” “YäRKEN’s strength is in tracking value outcomes with tech savings and aligning tech spend with business objectives  across all platforms, including cloud and legacy systems,”  said Ravi Kuppan, CEO and co-founder of YäRKEN.  “Anodot’s AI capabilities in cost optimization are a perfect match for YäRKEN, enabling us to cover the full spectrum for Anodot’s and YäRKEN’s existing client base. Together, we extend the power of FinOps to include on-prem tech spend.” For more details, visit More about Anodot’s solutions can be found at:  About Anodot Anodot is a cloud financial management provider that helps businesses manage cloud costs with the power of deep roots in AI and business analytics. Anodot's Cloud Cost Management solution helps FinOps teams reduce cloud waste and manage costs in multi-cloud and Kubernetes environments, providing actionable recommendations that can cut up to 40% on annual cloud spend. More at About YäRKEN YäRKEN is a leading provider of FinOps and Technology Business Management (TBM) solutions, dedicated to enhancing profitability and reducing tech spend across all tech environments. YäRKEN’s platform offers comprehensive cost optimization and financial control, aligning tech investments with business objectives. For more information, visit
April 30, 2024

Anodot Releases The State of Cloud Cost Optimization 2024 Report

Anodot updates its annual survey report, offering an in-depth summary of cloud cost optimization in 2024 for FinOps professionals NEW YORK, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Anodot publishes its annual Cloud Cost Optimization Report, delivering insights from customer data and analysis of news and trends within the FinOps sector to prepare cloud users for 2024. The report summarizes key findings from major organizations and companies in the FinOps space, including Anodot's recommendations on how to use these findings. Anodot updates its annual survey report, offering an in-depth summary of cloud cost optimization in 2024 for FinOps professionals Additionally, Anodot utilizes its customer data to inform the report, showing how users optimize their cloud investments using their platform. Key insights include: 90% of recommendations generations focused on optimizing workloads: Anodot's AI engine findings indicate that in 2023, workload recommendations outperformed rate optimizations. Data and storage optimizations made up nearly 80% of total savings: In 2023, Anodot customers achieved their biggest savings through Data & Storage optimizations, accounting for about 80% of total savings, up from 50%. In 2023, FinOps practitioners implemented 90% of Anodot's optimization suggestions: Ebs-unattached, ec2-stopped-instance, ip-unattached, ebs-outdated-snapshot, and cloudtrail-duplicate-trails were the top 5 most frequent optimizations. Anodot collects this data to help FinOps teams understand how colleagues manage cloud costs for navigating the cloud in 2024. David Drai, CEO of Anodot commented: "Cloud computing faces challenges with inflation, economic uncertainty, and resource demand from generative AI investments. Our new State of Cloud Cost Optimization Report provides data-driven insights and a TLDR summary for navigating 2024. At Anodot, we proudly support FinOps practitioners, offering them the insights for informed cloud decisions, significant savings, and sustainable growth." The State of Cloud Cost Optimization Report 2024 is available for download on Anodot's website. About Anodot AI-based cost Optimization platform that forecasts, detects waste, and provides transparency and recommendations. Allowing you to facilitate strategic financial planning and management of your multicloud, K8s pods, and SaaS tools. Our multi-tenant, multi-billing platform optimizes costs across departments, teams, products, unit economics, and customers.
March 14, 2024

UBTECH and Anodot Join Forces to Optimize Azure Cloud Financial Management

New partnership brings Anodot's FinOps expertise to UBTECH Azure Clients to Optimize Cloud Spend TEL AVIV, Mar. 11, 2024/PRNewswire/ — Anodot, a leader in cloud cost management, announced a significant partnership with UBTECH, a leading Israeli MSP and part of One Group. UBTECH  has selected Anodot's platform for its exceptional anomaly detection capabilities, as well as for gaining complete insights into customer costs and streamlining billing.  As organizations increasingly adopt Azure cloud solutions, managing cloud finances becomes crucial. UBTECH, a Microsoft Senior Partner with a history of implementing Microsoft technologies, views Anodot as a long-term ally in serving its dedicated Microsoft Azure customer base. The partnership will leverage Anodot's innovative FinOps solutions to provide UBTECH ’s clients with advanced tools for cloud cost analysis, budget optimization, and efficient resource utilization. By choosing Anodot, UBTECH  reinforces its commitment to delivering advanced, client-centric cloud solutions, furthering its mission of treating clients as partners. What the Partnership Entails: Providing advanced anomaly detection and FinOps tools to manage Azure cloud finances. Enhanced financial visibility and cost optimization for UBTECH ’s Azure clients. Catering to a diverse client base from startups to large enterprises across Israel and Europe. Empowering UBTECH to maintain its client-partner model through enhanced cloud financial management. UBTECH has been a Microsoft Senior Partner for over 15 years, recognized for its excellence in Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and other advanced technology solutions. With its cloud migration and management expertise, UBTECH serves over 500 leading clients, enhancing their productivity, security, and business continuity. This partnership with Anodot solidifies UBTECH’s commitment to being at the forefront of cloud management solutions. The collaboration between Anodot and UBTECH aims to expand Anodot's footprint in the Israeli and European markets while equipping UBTECH with cutting-edge tools to optimize their clients' cloud spend. This long-term partnership is expected to set new benchmarks in cloud cost management for Azure environments. David Drai, CEO of Anodot, stated: "We are excited about our partnership with UBTECH as it marks a significant step in expanding Anodot's Azure services. It’s a collaboration that resonates deeply with us, given our shared commitment to delivering exceptional cloud management solutions for MSPs. Together with UBTECH, we aim to revolutionize the way Azure clients optimize their cloud spend, combining our innovative FinOps tools with their profound Azure expertise. This union is more than strategic; it’s a commitment to elevating cloud financial management for our clients long-term." According to Gil Gross, Cloud CTO of UBTECH, "After testing many solutions in the market we concluded that Anodot would be our best fit to collaborate with from a Technology and Service point of view." Ronen Gabbay, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of UBTECH, added "We see Anodot as a long-term Partner to us and our clients because of the Technology that combines both MSPs solutions and unique AI capabilities."
February 27, 2024

"What's the point of the cloud if you're not in control?" David Drai, Anodot, with critical tips for cloud management.

December 28, 2023

Anodot's Roundtable Recap: Leading Experts Discuss Cost Control, AI-driven FinOps, and the Future of FinOps

Anodot has gathered FinOps experts to discuss AI and the future of FinOps. NEW YORK, Dec. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Anodot is thrilled to share a comprehensive recap of our roundtable on AI-driven financial operations, where our esteemed panel of experts discusses the challenges of delivering success in FinOps and explores its future. Our panel of experts includes Sean Donaldson, CTO of Protera, Corné van der Vaart, Technical Cloud Project Manager of A.C.A. Group, Nir Raz, Ran Blumenfeld, FinOps & Customer Success, Cloud FinOps Director of Nice, Inbal Tadeski, a Data Scientist at Anodot, and Melissa Abecasis, Customer Success Director at Anodot. Experts discuss the challenges of transitioning from traditional business practices to cloud adoption. Still, the shift to public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure is changing the game, albeit not without its challenges. The key obstacles include: Architecting cloud servers properly Managing costs, Aligning security with business goals. The panel recognizes that establishing a FinOps organization can address these issues. Automation, predictive analytics, and AI are the future of FinOps, enabling cost optimization in government and private sector companies. According to Inbal Tadeski, Anodot's Data Scientist, leveraging AI-driven methods and machine learning is crucial to controlling and optimizing cloud costs. Inbal was a main contributor to Anodot's Cost GPT tool that takes data exploration to a new level using natural language. Moreover, she added, predictive analytics and forecasting can help organizations plan and budget while giving them confidence in their decisions. Focused-based recommendations, such as suggesting saving plans based on current usage, can help organizations save money. "Forecasting assists in effective planning and budgeting, instilling confidence in decision-making," explains Inbal Tadeski, Data Scientist at Anodot. "Anodot is also actively developing targeted recommendations, including proposing savings plans based on your current usage." Our roundtable believes that AI will improve by making recommendations and predictions, allowing organizations to focus on reducing cloud waste and finding ways to modernize and plan commitments. However, there is a need to balance human knowledge with AI. While AI enhances FinOps analysts' effectiveness, human involvement remains essential. "Financial operations (Finops) analysts play a crucial role at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence," relays Sean Donaldson, CTO of Protera. "While AI enhances their effectiveness, human involvement remains essential." The experts all agreed that AI-driven FinOps is the future of cloud cost optimization, and by leveraging AI and machine learning, organizations can gain visibility into cloud costs, reduce waste, and modernize their approach. The roundtable discussion is available on demand here. About Anodot: Anodot is a business monitoring company that eliminates blind spots by proactively monitoring cost and revenue data. Anodot's Cloud Cost Management helps FinOps teams reduce cloud waste and manage costs in multi-cloud and Kubernetes environments, providing actionable recommendations to cut up to 40% of annual cloud spend. Fortune 500 companies trust Anodot to slash time to detection and resolution for revenue-critical issues by up to 80%.
November 29, 2023

Anodot Partners with AWS ISV Accelerate Program to Optimize Cloud Costs for AWS Customers

Anodot has joined the AWS ISV Accelerate program to better support customers in managing their cloud costs NEW YORK, Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Anodot is now part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, which helps ISVs that have software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS drive new business and accelerate sales cycles by connecting the participating ISVs with the AWS Sales organization. Anodot's acceptance into the AWS ISV Accelerate Program enables the company to meet customer needs through collaboration with the AWS Sales organization. Close collaboration with the AWS Sales team enables Anodot to provide better outcomes to AWS customers, as AWS ISV Accelerate Partners and the AWS team work together. "This new ISV Accelerate recognition comes based on years of committed partnership with AWS," stated David Drai, Co-Founder & CEO of Anodot. "Being a part of this network and offering AI tools like CostGPT, we can provide rapid insights into cloud computing costs, giving AWS customers better control and visibility." This includes: Cloud Cost Management: Anodot enables continuous monitoring and accurate forecasting of cloud costs on the AWS platform. It helps companies save up to 40% by optimizing their cloud spending. Forecast Future Costs: Anodot runs forecast models on historical CUR files to generate demand forecasts for future AWS demand. Anomaly Detection: Anodot utilizes autonomous analytics to provide real-time monitoring for your business, ensuring smooth operations by detecting unknown unknowns. Anodot can be purchased from the AWS Marketplace, offering consolidated procurement and billing for customers. AWS's enterprise clients can utilize their annual commitments to pay for Anodot subscriptions through the AWS Marketplace. Customers can also check out Anodot's blog for the latest news and updates impacting AWS.
November 29, 2023

Anodot Partners with ACA Group to Revolutionize MSP Services in Europe

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Anodot, a cloud cost management and monitoring platform, is excited to announce its partnership with ACA Group, a top European MSP. This collaboration aims to provide exceptional value to ACA Group's clients by offering them complete visibility into their cloud expenses. Switching from CloudHealth to Anodot, ACA Group now enjoys personalized support and expertise in navigating FinOps. Peter Jans, Manager Cloud at ACA Group, commented: "Transitioning from our existing cost monitoring platform to Anodot has been a great experience for our organization. The real-time data-driven insights Anodot offers have greatly influenced our operations, insights, and proactive services, opening the path for great customer experience and a long-term partnership." ACA Group and its clients can now leverage Anodot's cutting-edge features. Including: A user-friendly interface Convenient tailor-made platform access for ACA customers to monitor their cloud expenditures The ability to resolve billing and invoicing challenges effortlessly Multi-cloud integration and Datadog Cost integration This partnership brings several key highlights. Firstly, Anodot seamlessly synced ACA Group's 3-year backlog onto their platform without causing interruptions to their operations. Secondly, the ACA Group gains multi-cloud dashboards and advanced anomaly detection capabilities to increase efficiency across all AWS environments. Melissa Abecasis, Director of Customer of Anodot, said: "We are thrilled about our new partnership with ACA Group. Together, we have the potential to transform how MSPs communicate cloud cost insights to their customers. We are excited about building a prosperous FinOps relationship for years to come." By leveraging Anodot's advanced cloud cost management services and ACA Group's dedication to providing top-notch cloud cost insight, both companies are set to revolutionize MSP services in Europe and beyond.
September 26, 2023

Automat-IT and Anodot Partner to Maximize AWS Value

Automat-IT and Anodot join forces to offer comprehensive services on AWS NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Automat-IT, a leading provider of DevOps and FinOps services, and Anodot, the augmented FinOps company, have announced a long-term strategic partnership. The partnership is focused on helping customers maximize the value of their AWS deployments. This agreement combines the expertise of both companies to deliver comprehensive services atop AWS. Nowadays, making sure that cloud spend is optimal is crucial to many companies. As the depth and wealth of cloud services increase, this task becomes more challenging. This was the impetus for the collaboration between the two companies to address the issue head-on. The partnership between Automat-IT and Anodot has been designed to enable customers to plan and execute DevOps and FinOps best practices quickly. This includes: Anomaly detection allows timely detection and correction of anomalies Management of Kubernetes clusters Technical cost savings of EBS volumes, underutilized instances, EC2 modernization, and more Cost savings for FinOps-related activities using commitments Help customers improve their visibility into their environments' costs, including Kubernetes, storage, EC2, network, and more Automat-IT serves over 300 startup customers across various verticals, including Fintech, Health, Gaming, and technology. Automat-IT is an all-in AWS Premier Partner with deep hands-on experience. Services focus on AWS cloud - from carrying out the first cloud implementation/migration to providing 24/7 customer operations support. Boasting over 200 AWS certifications among its staff and a newly announced strategic partnership with AWS, Automat-IT is exceptionally positioned to provide top-notch cloud services, emphasizing innovation. As a part of the strategic agreement, Automat-IT develops new solutions that enable startups to launch AI capabilities on the cloud quickly. The collaboration between Automat-IT and Anodot empowers startups to have high cloud efficiency by providing unprecedented visibility into their cloud environments while helping them save money on operational costs. This unique combination will help ensure that every customer gets the most out of their investments in cloud technology while also allowing the customers to focus on their core business. David Drai, CEO of Anodot, said: "I'm thrilled to share that Anodot has joined forces with Automat-IT to address the unique needs of Managed Service Providers. The challenges and intricacies that MSPs encounter are unmatched, and we're fully committed to tackling their demands directly. With this collaboration, we're enabling MSPs to expertly navigate the complex cloud environment, resulting in significant customer efficiency gains."
September 11, 2023

Anodot Reveals Results of the 2023 State of Cloud Cost Report

Anodot respondents reported slashing cloud waste by 46% compared to last year, with 84% detecting anomalies within hours. NEW YORK, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Anodot has released its annual Cloud Cost Report to reveal critical industry trends, insights, and challenges. Anodot's report is backed by extensive market research and data from over 1,000 Anodot customers. So, FinOps teams can gather key insights to boost cloud cost optimization. Anodot's report provides valuable insights into the current challenges, trends, and successes that impact the industry. By gaining a deeper understanding of these factors, FinOps organizations can make informed decisions to optimize their cloud costs. Among the notable standouts: The rise of third-party solutions: As companies strive for seamless cloud operations, third-party solutions have been a big part of optimizing their cloud environments. The increasing challenge of true visibility into cloud costs: Gaining accurate insights into cloud costs has become a pressing challenge for FinOps organizations. Cloud spending and savings made easy with Anodot: Anodot customers enjoy frequent cloud spending and savings. With these insights, Anodot aims to help companies make smarter cloud cost decisions. The full report of the 2023 State of Cloud Cost survey is available for download on Anodot's website. David Drai, CEO of Anodot commented: "In today's dynamic business landscape, the number of organizations adopting third-party tools to save their cloud costs is increasing at an impressive pace. At Anodot, we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative trend. Our latest report on cost-saving strategies highlights this significant shift and emphasizes the growing recognition among end users of the necessity for proactive AI techniques. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and automation, businesses can unlock substantial savings and drive sustainable growth."