Automat-IT and Anodot join forces to offer comprehensive services on AWS

NEW YORKSept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Automat-IT, a leading provider of DevOps and FinOps services, and Anodot, the augmented FinOps company, have announced a long-term strategic partnership. The partnership is focused on helping customers maximize the value of their AWS deployments. This agreement combines the expertise of both companies to deliver comprehensive services atop AWS.

Nowadays, making sure that cloud spend is optimal is crucial to many companies. As the depth and wealth of cloud services increase, this task becomes more challenging. This was the impetus for the collaboration between the two companies to address the issue head-on.

The partnership between Automat-IT and Anodot has been designed to enable customers to plan and execute DevOps and FinOps best practices quickly.

This includes:

  • Anomaly detection allows timely detection and correction of anomalies
  • Management of Kubernetes clusters
  • Technical cost savings of EBS volumes, underutilized instances, EC2 modernization, and more
  • Cost savings for FinOps-related activities using commitments
  • Help customers improve their visibility into their environments’ costs, including Kubernetes, storage, EC2, network, and more

Automat-IT serves over 300 startup customers across various verticals, including Fintech, Health, Gaming, and technology. Automat-IT is an all-in AWS Premier Partner with deep hands-on experience. Services focus on AWS cloud – from carrying out the first cloud implementation/migration to providing 24/7 customer operations support.

Boasting over 200 AWS certifications among its staff and a newly announced strategic partnership with AWS, Automat-IT is exceptionally positioned to provide top-notch cloud services, emphasizing innovation.

As a part of the strategic agreement, Automat-IT develops new solutions that enable startups to launch AI capabilities on the cloud quickly.

The collaboration between Automat-IT and Anodot empowers startups to have high cloud efficiency by providing unprecedented visibility into their cloud environments while helping them save money on operational costs. This unique combination will help ensure that every customer gets the most out of their investments in cloud technology while also allowing the customers to focus on their core business.

David Drai, CEO of Anodot, said: “I’m thrilled to share that Anodot has joined forces with Automat-IT to address the unique needs of Managed Service Providers. The challenges and intricacies that MSPs encounter are unmatched, and we’re fully committed to tackling their demands directly. With this collaboration, we’re enabling MSPs to expertly navigate the complex cloud environment, resulting in significant customer efficiency gains.”

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