Multicloud Cost Dashboards and Reporting for FinOps

Visualize your usage and costs in a single screen — across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and your K8s containers — and deliver the right visibility to all stakeholders

Are you able to forecast multicloud and Kubernetes costs accurately?

As your cloud usage scales, so does the need for granular cloud visibility and custom reporting tailored to your organization. The different reporting interfaces offered by major cloud providers make it difficult to get a clear view of the costs you are incurring in multi cloud environments.

It is essential to choose a tool that will allow you to keep track of and report on cloud spending across all your environments. Flexible dashboarding and reporting enable you to deliver appropriate cloud cost visibility to Finance, DevOps, Engineering, and other stakeholders in your organization.

Identify your reporting maturity level

As a starting point, consider the following questions:

  1. Can you visualize your multi cloud and K8s costs in a single screen? Is your data fresh, normalized, and enriched?
  2. Do users track costs at the account or team level?
  3. Do product teams use unit economics to measure their cost-effectiveness?
  4. Do cloud consumers and business units understand the important aspects of their cloud spend, as well as how to optimize it?
  5. Are team-level reports implemented for showback?
  6. Are you able to allocate 100% of your cloud costs?
  7. Do your stakeholders have access to the right views and dashboards?
  8. Are your budgets, forecasts, and reports accurate?

A reporting ecosystem that is granular, flexible, and accurate is crucial to accelerating growth and driving effective decision-making.

Visualize your costs and usage with Anodot

Each cloud provider has its own billing rules and tools, most of which are complex. Managing cloud costs across multiple vendors can be challenging for many organizations.

Anodot’s default dashboard provides a unified view of all cloud activities, helping you manage costs in an efficient manner. Create unlimited custom dashboards and reports for any product, department, business unit, or role within your organization.

Apply complex filters and business mappings, create custom views, overlay multiple layers, set up detailed panels, restrict what others can see, and schedule and share reports with ease.

Manage cloud usage against budgets

With Anodot, anyone can easily:

Analyze spending and usage across clouds and K8s
Report on established KPIs and benchmarks
View month to date and projected costs
Identify variances in costs and budget compliance
Find out which assets and services are the biggest cost drivers
Identify recommendations to optimize costs and eliminate waste
Drill down on cost and usage down to the invoice line item