Improve RCA to 90%. Shorten TTR by 30%.

Anodot’s autonomous network monitoring platform is the brain on top of the OSS, combining fault and performance monitoring to give CSPs an end-to-end view for real time detection of service-impacting incidents

Get full service experience visibility

Anodot monitors granular performance and telemetry data in real-time across the entire telco stack from all network types, layers and domains, enabling CSPs to understand what is happening across their networks and to achieve full visibility of service degradation incidents.

Detection REPORT

Detect issues before your customers do

Anodot monitors and correlates 100% of your network’s data for continuous insight into how your customers are experiencing your network. Detect service degradation incidents 80% faster with real-time alerts. Get the full story behind every incident including impact, timeline, correlations and leading dimensions such as geography, node, domain, etc.


Shorten your time to resolution