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Intelligent Payment Operations

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Overcoming Challenges to Scaling FinOps

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Multicloud Forecasting and Budgeting for FinOps

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Optimize Your Kubernetes Costs and Infrastructure

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Webinar: The Road to Zero Touch Networks: Why Start Now?

In this webinar, hear how three of the world’s leading telcos, Telefónica, Vodafone, and Deutsche Telekom, with their combined subscriber base of close to 700 million, are tackling the road to zero touch networks.
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Lessons Learned from T-Mobile Netherlands' Road to Zero Touch Network

In this webinar, T-Mobile’s CTIO, Dr. Kim Larsen discusses with Chief Data Scientist Ira Cohen, his experience in implementing the steps towards a zero touch network.
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Webinar: How Xandr Protects Revenue with Autonomous Business Monitoring

Learn how Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, prevents revenue loss and customer churn across its large-scale network, finding incidents early by using the Anodot Autonomous Business Monitoring platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Customer Experience monitoring
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Webinar: Learn How to Automate Your Customer Experience Monitoring with Anodot

What is customer experience monitoring? Why is it so difficult? Dive into this webinar with Customer Success Engineer, Steven Kirkpatrick, to better understand what it means to effectively monitor your user’s experience from start to finish.
Telecom AI
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Webinar: Learn How Leading Telcos Use Anodot to Autonomously Monitor their OSS and BSS

Telcos are under tremendous pressure to reduce churn and increase ARPU. Break free from manual tracking and time-consuming root cause analysis: Anodot’s AI-driven monitoring is dynamic and adaptive enough to easily accommodate all your network complexities. Customer Success Specialist Daniel Tub shows how leading telcos use Anodot to autonomously monitor their OSS and BSS.