eCommerce Analytics

Ensure a flawless experience

Use Anodot to zero in on issues in the path to purchase before they impact your bottom line

What is causing
conversion rate
to change?

Detecting issues early can mean the difference between losing a few hundreds in revenue to losing hundreds of thousands. You can protect the checkout process from roadblocks, especially when it’s caused by something outside your control. Anodot’s robust visibility detects even the most granular of glitches and isolates the potential cause.

How can I get

alerts about

customer fraud?

Anodot’s analytics protects merchants from fraud by detecting unexpected patterns in user behavior. Spot a sudden peak in credit card chargebacks. Respond to a DDOS attack before it shuts down business. Anodot’s machine learning models adapt to keep pace with fast-evolving fraud techniques, so there’s no need to manually adjust detection parameters.

Why did revenue