Case Studies


Case Studies

Case Studies 2 min read

TechConnect’s Cloud Cost Clarity Journey with Anodot

Anodot for Trax Retail
Case Studies 5 min read

Trax Retail Reduce Tens of Thousands from Monthly Cloud Bills Using Anodot

Case Studies 2 min read

Razorpay uses Anodot for automated monitoring and real-time anomaly detection

Case Studies 1 min read

Discovering and resolving business incidents quickly

“Anodot sets itself apart with automated anomaly detection, rather than manually setting thresholds.”
Videos & Podcasts 0 min read

Customer Success Spotlight: PUMA

With Puma, we integrated revenue measures first as this is was their initial goal for using Anodot. However, while working with data, we decided to expand our view to a much broader metrics than just revenue.
Payment monitoring payoneer
Case Studies 4 min read

Payment Platform Uses Anodot to Ensure Seamless Customer Experience

Case Studies 1 min read

Catching incidents before outages

“Anodot allows us to capture incidents an hour or two before they create a customer experience impact. This also helps take complexities away from our operations people”
Case Studies 3 min read

Minute Media Protects Revenue With Real-Time Insight and Alerts From Anodot

Videos & Podcasts 0 min read

LivePerson Uses AI-Powered Analytics to Address Most Challenging Customer Engagement Issues

Discover how the LivePerson team is using Anodot to detect when a problem is brewing and to ensure more than 18,000 customers were getting the most out of their solution.