Case Studies


Case Studies

Videos & Podcasts 19 min read

Publishing Company PMC Applies Anodot's Anomaly Detection on Their Google Analytics Data

Corey Gilmore, Director of Data and Analytics at PMC, a large publishing company, presents how they identify anomalies in their Google Analytics using Anodot.
Videos & Podcasts 15 min read

Adtech Company NetSeer Leverages Anomaly Detection to Improve Efficiency

Greg Pendler of Netseer presents how his Adtech company is using Anodot to identify anomalies in real time, to keep their business working efficiently.
Documents 1 min read

Case Study: Netseer Sees Results with Anodot Real Time Business Incident Detection

As a leading adtech company, Netseer provides publishers with targeted ads, and bidding on advertising exchanges. Anodot provides real-time business insights to quickly identify performance issues.
Documents 5 min read

Case Study: Anodot Finds “All the Anomalies Fit to Print” for Media Giant PMC

With millions of users across dozens of professional publications, PMC’s data science team uses Anodot to track business incidents and identify software bugs early, before small issues turn into major crises.
Documents 1 min read

Case Study: Anodot’s Eye on Data Protects Eyeview’s Revenue

With massive amounts of business-critical data and metrics, Eyeview recognized the need to improve its alerting method. Anodot AI-powered analytics crunches Eyeview’s data streams in real-time, providing accurate alerts on critical issues.
Documents 1 min read

Case Study: Anodot Delivers eCommerce Insights for Wix

Wix needed a real-time alert system that would indicate issues without manual threshold settings in the key metrics. Anodot's AI-powered analytics provides the necessary insights to the company’s analysts.
Documents 1 min read

Case Study: Credit Karma Adopts the Anodot Real-Time Business Incident Detection Dogma

Credit Karma researches and recommends credit cards, loans and insurance for credit profiles of more than 50 million members’ finances. In real time, Anodot identifies relevant and actionable incidents every day, so the team can deal with them quickly and appropriately.
Documents 1 min read

Case Study: Rubicon Project Automates Real Time Business Incident Detection with Anodot

One of the largest ad exchanges in the world, Rubicon Project uses proprietary computing systems to automate the buying and selling of advertising. With Anodot's correlated metrics, Rubicon can quickly pinpoint where to investigate.
Documents 1 min read

Case Study: AI-powered Analytics Ensures Customer Satisfaction at LivePerson

Addressing some of the most challenging customer engagement problems, the LivePerson team needed to know when a problem was brewing, to ensure that its more than 18,000 customers were getting the most out of their solution. Find out how Anodot helps LivePerson to easily track in real time massive amounts of business-critical data, enabling their customers to get the most out of the LivePerson platform.