Challenge: Safeguarding the User Experience

Looking to entertain and empower the inner kid in us all, Outfit7’s lovable, digital characters raise a smile whenever they appear on screen, letting players worldwide have fun, share across social media channels, and stay immersed in engaging experiences. While free, the apps generate revenue by offering add-on purchases, as Outfit7 strives to increase engagement and session length in games.

To keep this momentum going, Outfit7’s engineering team updates their backend several times a day, releasing new versions at regularly scheduled cycles. With the many moving parts, these updates are a complex undertaking, and they need to identify any performance pitfalls to safeguard the user experience.

Anodot Identifies Potential Performance Pitfalls

Download the full case study to find out how Anodot helps Outfit7 to easily identify any potential app performance areas, and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

“The greater success we have, with millions of active players, the greater the challenge we have faced. With our knowledge and Anodot’s help, we can anticipate and address challenges so that users can enjoy a seamless gaming experience.”

– Jure Grom, Senior Software Engineer at Outfit7 (Ekipa2 d.o.o. subsidiary)

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Written by Anodot

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