The gaming industry has always been a highly lucrative and adored field. According to online gaming industry statistics, it is projected to surpass $33.77 billion by 2026. However, a downside emerges when governments impose substantial taxes on the income generated from gaming.

It’s happening now.

The Indian government has decided to impose a 28% tax on online gaming, which may lead to a funding shortage and a decrease in investor confidence. Undoubtedly, many gaming companies will look for new strategies to save costs.

Business monitoring is a powerful strategy that reduces costs, maintains performance, and enhances user experience.

Let’s explore the power of business monitoring, its benefits for the gaming industry, and Anodot’s prominent role in this service.

Enhancing Savings

Identifying problems early is crucial for businesses, especially in the gaming industry. Spotting potential bugs is essential for a great user experience and saves time on resolution.

Anodot’s Business Monitoring and Anomaly Detection platform offers valuable solutions for identifying and preventing costly abnormalities in gaming operations.

Here’s how:

Early Detection: Anodot helps online, and mobile gaming companies spot and troubleshoot game-specific problems early on. By keeping an eye on real-time metrics and data, it catches any unusual behavior that could affect player experience or revenue. (Check out this story.)

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Real-time Alerts and Forecasts: Anodot’s autonomous monitoring solution provides real-time alerts and forecasts for revenue-critical business incidents. This allows gaming companies to proactively address potential problems before they escalate, enhancing operational efficiency.

Cost Anomaly Detection: Anodot’s machine learning can also keep an eye out for any unexpected cost changes. This way, gaming companies can better manage their expenses and find ways to save some cash.

Enhanced Player Experience: Timely detection of abnormalities can lead to quicker resolution, reduced downtime, and improved customer satisfaction so your players can keep gaming without interruptions!

Unexpected things can happen in your gaming operations that are beyond your control. But hey, you can still handle the abnormalities by using ML analytics. Our insights can help you save money to keep making your game the best it can be!

Example of Anodot's anomaly detection for the gaming industry

Improving User Experience

Your users are the key to your gaming success. When they have a blast playing your game, they’ll keep returning for more and recommend it to other gamers!

Unfortunately, the same thing can happen if your users aren’t happy with your game. And when dealing with those new taxes, you’ll want to keep your existing players and attract new ones consistently.

Here’s how Anodot can help:

Proactive incident management: By promptly detecting anomalies, Anodot enables gaming companies to address issues that may negatively affect the user experience, minimizing downtime and maximizing player satisfaction.

Comprehensive anomaly grouping: Anodot’s platform can group anomalies across different silos, allowing businesses to quickly identify and address incidents that impact user experience, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for players.

Optimized decision-making: With real-time business monitoring and anomaly detection, gaming companies can make informed decisions to optimize player experience and avoid potential losses.

Enhanced user retention and brand reputation: By effectively detecting and addressing anomalies that impact user experience, Anodot’s solution helps gaming companies retain players, boost player satisfaction, and maintain a positive brand reputation, contributing to long-term success in the competitive gaming industry.

It only takes one bug or glitch to get players turned off from your game. To maintain a healthy user experience, staying alert for possible anomalies is imperative. Of course, getting a partner can help this process stay easy and automated!

Optimizing Performance

Keeping a close eye on and quickly resolving anomalies is important for top-notch performance in the gaming industry.

So, how exactly does anomaly detection contribute to better gaming performance?

Immediate Issue Detection: Proactive monitoring detects anomalies that may affect gameplay performance. Real-time tools and analytics help gaming companies identify issues like server latency, network congestion, or hardware failures early on. This allows swift action to address problems promptly.

Enhanced Performance Optimization: Identifying anomalies offers valuable insights into game performance metrics. Real-time analysis enables gaming companies to identify bottlenecks, optimize server capacity, fine-tune game mechanics, and improve load balancing. These optimizations lead to smoother gameplay, reduced lag, and improved performance.

Competitive Advantage: In the gaming industry, high-performance gameplay sets a company apart. Resolution of anomalies enables gaming companies to deliver superior gameplay experiences. By consistently providing high performance, companies can gain a competitive edge, attracting and retaining more players.

Example of Anodot's anomaly detection for the gaming industry

Final Thoughts

As of 2023, there are 3.220 billion gamers worldwide. The expansive market encompasses various demographics and can be very profitable for gaming companies. However, new industry regulations may emerge, impacting operations and triggering a chain reaction in how issues are addressed and resolved.

This is why business monitoring is incredibly powerful. It effortlessly anticipates errors before they escalate into problems, offering remarkable benefits such as cost savings, enhanced user experience, and improved performance in the gaming industry.

With Anodot’s AI-powered business monitoring and anomaly detection, you can effortlessly tackle errors before they occur. So, no matter what new taxes come your way, rest assured that you’re already cutting costs with Anodot.

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