Challenge: Analyzing Millions of Different Metrics in Real Time

Addressing some of the most challenging customer engagement problems, the LivePerson team needed to know when a problem was brewing, to ensure that its more than 18,000 customers were getting the most out of their solution. Monitoring nearly 2 million metrics every 30 seconds in a global array of data centers, the operations service center couldn’t afford to miss a thing, working to ensure 24×7 uptime of their service and uninterrupted availability of customer data.

“Errors that impact a specific platform or feature – can ultimately affect our customers’ satisfaction – yet may not appear to us immediately,” said Oded Avissar, Director of Production Engineering at LivePerson, “We need to know that our infrastructure can be continuously delivered to our customers and this requires real-time alerting capabilities on anomalies.”

Anodot Real-time Analytics Guarantees Quality of Service at LivePerson

Download the full case study to find out how Anodot helps LivePerson to easily track in real time massive amounts of business-critical data and metrics that indicate important aspects of customer activity, enabling their customers to get the most out of the LivePerson platform.

“By tracking specific metrics with Anodot, we can know when an anomaly occurs in real time, and correlate it to a specific event, like a feature update. When something changes suddenly, I want to know about it immediately. Anodot helps us achieve this.”

Presentation by Oded Avissar, Director of Production Engineering at LivePerson

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