Drive FinOps Accountability with Cost Chargeback

Provide complete visibility of multicloud and Kubernetes spend and charge business units according to actual consumption

Is cloud cost accountability part of your business model?

Deciding between showback and chargeback is a big decision for any organization. When IT budgets are centralized and owned by IT, business units don’t feel the impact of IT costs, which are often viewed as a free and unlimited resource. Chargebacks and IT finance integration drive accountability to the edges of the organization.

Once costs have been allocated and teams have been given visibility, the data is automatically integrated into their internal reporting and financial management systems, and directly charged to their P&L.

Assess your chargeback maturity

As a starting point, consider the following questions:

  1. Can you see your costs across multiple accounts and providers?
  2. Is cloud spend allocated based on estimated resources used or actual consumption?
  3. Do you have a tagging or linked account strategy in place to provide visibility into how expenses are allocated?
  4. Are teams aware of direct and shared costs based on their actual consumption?
  5. Are shared organizational costs and commitment-based discounts held centrally or allocated based on consumption?
  6. Is chargeback reporting integrated automatically into the company’s IT finance tooling?

Chargeback offers business units more than financial accountability — it gives them choices in how their money is spent.

Implement chargeback with Anodot

FinOps teams must build trust through defensible cost allocation
and complete transparency for chargebacks to be successful.

A universal tagging and linked account strategy combined with flexible cost mapping is the foundation required to accurately allocate costs and charge them back to the business unit consuming them.

Anodot makes it easy to implement chargeback in your business:


  • Rely on accurate data normalized for discounts, credits, and amortization
  • Use virtual tags and views to normalize your tag keys and values
  • Allocate direct and shared costs with business mapping
  • Report by cost center and scope using linked accounts
  • Visualize and report costs for each team & business unit
  • Drill down on cost and usage data to the invoice line item
  • Integrate your cost data with finance tools using the API

Give a full accounting of multicloud spending

FinOps is all about establishing a culture of collaboration between finance, engineering, and executive leadership to accelerate cloud-based business value.

Transparency is the key to achieving this goal by understanding where costs are generated, who generates them, and what value they add.

Anodot seamlessly combines all of your business’ cloud spend into a single dashboard, giving your teams a multi-account/multi-provider pane of glass.