NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Anodot, a cloud cost management and monitoring platform, is excited to announce its partnership with ACA Group, a top European MSP. This collaboration aims to provide exceptional value to ACA Group’s clients by offering them complete visibility into their cloud expenses.

Switching from CloudHealth to Anodot, ACA Group now enjoys personalized support and expertise in navigating FinOps.

Peter Jans, Manager Cloud at ACA Groupcommented: “Transitioning from our existing cost monitoring platform to Anodot has been a great experience for our organization. The real-time data-driven insights Anodot offers have greatly influenced our operations, insights, and proactive services, opening the path for great customer experience and a long-term partnership.

ACA Group and its clients can now leverage Anodot’s cutting-edge features.


  • A user-friendly interface
  • Convenient tailor-made platform access for ACA customers to monitor their cloud expenditures
  • The ability to resolve billing and invoicing challenges effortlessly
  • Multi-cloud integration and Datadog Cost integration

This partnership brings several key highlights. Firstly, Anodot seamlessly synced ACA Group’s 3-year backlog onto their platform without causing interruptions to their operations. Secondly, the ACA Group gains multi-cloud dashboards and advanced anomaly detection capabilities to increase efficiency across all AWS environments.

Melissa Abecasis, Director of Customer of Anodot, said: “We are thrilled about our new partnership with ACA Group. Together, we have the potential to transform how MSPs communicate cloud cost insights to their customers. We are excited about building a prosperous FinOps relationship for years to come.”

By leveraging Anodot’s advanced cloud cost management services and ACA Group’s dedication to providing top-notch cloud cost insight, both companies are set to revolutionize MSP services in Europe and beyond.

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