Anodot releases an AI-powered conversational tool that helps clients have a greater understanding of their cloud costs

NEW YORKSept. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Anodot, a leading provider of advanced analytics and monitoring solutions, launches CostGPT. This AI-powered tool offers cloud users precise and personalized analysis of their cloud costs.

When managing cloud costs, automation is key to saving time and resources. CostGPT empowers cloud users to address common cost challenges, including complex pricing models, hidden costs, and inadequate cost monitoring and reporting, with a simple search.

Key benefits of CostGPT include:

  1. Simplicity: Anodot users can ask questions about their cloud costs in chat, receiving accurate and relevant insights.
  2. Actionable Insights: CostGPT offers optimization recommendations and suggests additional questions and commands to help users gain a comprehensive understanding of their cloud spending.
  3. Proactive Decision-Making: By leveraging search data, CostGPT enables organizations to make informed decisions on cloud resource allocation, preventing unnecessary costs and optimizing resource utilization.
  4. Real-Time Data Visualizations: CostGPT offers intuitive visualizations for exploring and analyzing cloud costs, allowing users to plan ahead and make informed expenditure decisions.

“At Anodot, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of AI technology. CostGPT is a reflection of our dedication to innovation. We’ve created something truly special. This feature enables users to interact with their cloud cost data conversationally, making it more accessible and effortless than ever before. It’s all about ensuring that our users have the answers they need at their fingertips. And it doesn’t stop at text responses. It supplies the answers with graphical results that are easy to understand at a glance,” says Limor Tepper, Head of Product at Anodot.

CostGPT provides precise insights into cloud costs, helping users identify spending patterns within specific time frames.  Learn more about Anodot’s new tool today.

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