Anodot Working To Predict Future Data Anomalies

September 11, 2017

Andot’s technology looks for anomalies in data that would suggest a change in human behavior.

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From DevOps to DataOps : Why Every Company Needs DataOps

August 24, 2017

Because of the dynamic nature of data and the constant new services, partnerships, and products entering the market every quarter, the DataOps role is ongoing and should comprehensively understand and use the proper tools to monitor the ebb and flow of company data.

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Face it, AI is better at data-analysis than humans

July 28, 2017

While we ponder the future of AI, companies like Anodot are applying it in all the right ways (see: non-lethal and money-saving). Automating data-analysis isn’t quite as thrilling as an AI that can write speeches for the President, but it’s far more useful.

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Has Anodot Defined the Principles of General-Purpose AI?

July 13, 2017

Anodot can be pointed at a wide number of use cases. The users don’t need to know how it works. And it is obvious and easy to connect it to a business domain.

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Meet The Startups That Bring Artificial Intelligence To Log Management And Analysis

July 5, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is set to disrupt every industry vertical. This article features a few startups, including Anodot, that deliver AI-driven analysis.

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Why did British Airways suffer such an extreme IT meltdown?

May 30, 2017

In the event of an IT outage, which is seemingly becoming increasingly common in the airline industry after Delta’s IT failure last year, the back up system simply must do its job. So why didn’t it? Anodot CEO David Drai weighs in on how BA could have avoided this glitch.

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2017 Big Data 100: Coolest Emerging Big Data Vendors

May 17, 2017

While many established vendors made this year’s Big Data 100 list, it also includes quite a few startups – like Anodot – companies that are pushing the envelope in developing leading-edge big data technology, bringing to market products and services that help business work with big data.

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Finding the anomalies in big data with machine learning

May 4, 2017

Anodot’s approach to business intelligence (BI) is to use automated anomaly detection systems to discover the important signals in vast amounts of data noise, and to find the anomalies and correlate them across different data. It then turns that information into business insights. Here, ZDNet spoke to Anodot’s founder and CEO, David Drai, to find out more about the company’s technology.

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113 enterprise AI companies you should know

April 19, 2017

To help companies identify the best tools for their business, Venture Beat has broken up the landscape of enterprise AI solutions into functional categories to match organizational workflows and use cases, placing Anodot as a leader and innovator of Business Intelligence solutions.

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Inside Anodot’s Anomaly Detection System for Time-Series Data

Time-series data represents one of the most challenging data types for businesses and data scientists. The data sets are often very big, change continuously, and are time-sensitive by nature. In this article, Alex Woodie offers a concise history and overview of Anodot, one company that’s carving a path through this big data opportunity, focusing on using machine learning techniques to spot anomalies in time-series data, in real time.

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