Change the unit economics of your cloud

Anodot helps MSPs transform their cloud unit economics with advanced multi cloud visibility, analytics, and rate & usage optimization recommendations

Do you know your unit costs?

Cloud unit economics is a central yet elusive part of FinOps that directly supports each of its principles. Unit economics metrics can help you focus on efficiency and value, enabling you to optimize your internal costs and deliver value continuously to your customers.

MSPs that measure cloud unit economics can better evaluate and forecast profitability—at the product, customer, and portfolio level—make sound pricing decisions, build a plan for cost optimization, and maintain a higher profit margin.

Improve profit margin as you scale

The more customers you add, the larger your cloud footprint becomes, making it harder to control cloud bills and maintain profit margins. When MSPs employ unit economics along with the right optimization strategies, they can generate up to 3X more margin from their cloud business, even as they scale.

With Anodot, MSPs can continuously optimize their cloud infrastructure and eliminate waste. Prioritize recommendations based on impact, and keep a complete history of recommendations and actions taken along with realized and unrealized returns.

Optimize commitment purchases

Your commitment purchasing strategy is a key component of your MSP business operations. The right mix of volume discounts and RI/SP purchases can save you massive amounts of money and completely change your cloud unit economics.

With Anodot, you can automate managing your portfolio of commitments. 

Anodot helps you make smart committed use purchases using personalized recommendations that optimize maximum volume purchasing based on your customers’ business needs and your historical and forecasted usage.

Make better pricing & billing decisions

MSPs that measure cloud unit economics metrics can make better pricing and billing decisions that maximize profitability and minimize risk. When MSPs understand and optimize their own costs, they are free to choose which savings to pass on to their customers. Moreover, customers can be fairly charged for amortized and shared cloud costs. 

With Anodot, you can bill your customers accurately and quickly based on your adjusted contract rates, regardless of your actual monthly costs. Charge for special services, pass on discounts, amortize costs, charge for shared costs, and reallocate SP/RI using billing rules and customer charge types.

Support your customers’ FinOps journey

For MSP customers, cloud unit economic metrics enable their engineering teams to measure the business value of cloud spend and make data-driven decisions in FinOps. According to our market research, 70% of companies said they wanted to measure unit economics metrics but were not there yet.

Calculating and tracking cloud unit economics costs for hundreds of customers is impossible without the right tool. With Anodot, MSPs can automatically calculate multiple unit economics metrics for every customer, track them over time, and share reports regularly, helping them make data-driven decisions that maximize their cloud investments.

Analyze the current state of your cloud unit economics

Consider the following questions as a starting point:

  1. Are you currently measuring cloud unit economics metrics? If so, how many metrics do you measure? A single top-line metric or multiple product-specific metrics?
  2. Are you able to measure unit economics metrics at the single customer level and across the entire portfolio? 
  3. When calculating unit economic metrics, do you rely on automation or manual processes that use a combination of tools or spreadsheets? 
  4. How comprehensive are your unit cost models? What financial inputs do you include in your calculation?
  5. Do you track your unit economics metrics over time? Have you been able to consistently improve them? 
  6. How often do you share cloud unit economics reports with your internal stakeholders? How about your customers?


With the right FinOps tool, MSPs can simplify and automate their cloud unit economics measurement.

Automate your cloud unit economics

Anodot automates your cloud unit economics measurement and cost optimization plan to help you improve your margins:


  • Automatically calculate multiple unit economics metrics and track them over time
  • Analyze unit costs and make data-driven strategic decisions about pricing and procurement
  • Share cloud unit economics reports with internal stakeholders and customers
  • Predict future costs accurately to optimize commitment purchases and better negotiate long-term discounts
  • Avoid costly ‌mistakes with adaptive, AI-powered forecasting, budgeting, and anomaly detection
  • Reduce your internal cloud costs with recommendations for optimizing usage and rates

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