Simplify & automate MSP operations

Anodot helps MSPs streamline their internal processes so they can always accurately report and bill for multi cloud services

Are you struggling with manual processes?

Cost allocation, billing, and reporting are tedious and error-prone in multi cloud MSP environments because of complex cost and usage data and multiple tools.

Most MSPs spend a great deal of time on manual customer management and financial accounting tasks, rather than innovating and delivering value to their customers. Streamlining and automating your internal operations can help you successfully and accurately manage your customers’ multi cloud operations, increasing satisfaction and profitability.

Simplify cost allocation and billing

Streamlining MSP business operations requires automation. Anodot leverages advanced automation to provide MSPs with multi cloud visibility, cost allocation, and billing rules so they can accurately report and bill cloud services.

Accurately allocate spend at any granularity without overlap, and easily identify unallocated costs with sophisticated and nested business mapping. Charge customers according to their contract rates, regardless of your actual costs, with amortized costs, custom charge types, billing rules, and SP/RI re-allocation.

Improve cloud unit economics

MSPs that measure cloud unit economics metrics can deliver more business value per ‌dollar spent, internally and for their customers. They can forecast profitability more accurately, make better pricing decisions, build a cost optimization plan, and maintain higher profit margins.

With Anodot, MSPs can automatically calculate multiple unit economics metrics, track them over time, and reduce unit costs with recommendations for optimizing usage and rates. By offering the same capabilities to their customers, they can build customer trust and improve customer retention rates.

Make account management easier

MSPs typically don’t have all their data in one place and spend much time gathering it from fragmented tools to build their reports and invoices. This makes it very difficult to generate accurate reports, answer adhoc questions, and demonstrate ROI to customers. 

With Anodot, your entire team can work together on one platform to support your customers’ multi cloud operations. Anodot delivers a single view of every customer, so anyone can see all invoices and reports, answer any questions, update account notes, and show return on investment.

Deliver FinOps to your customers

FinOps presents one of the largest opportunities for MSPs to deliver cloud leadership and realize cost savings for their customers. Anodot helps MSPs establish this practice quickly with a proven FinOps platform that leverages best practices and robust capabilities.

With the help of Anodot, anyone on your team can become a FinOps expert,  analyzing cloud costs for their customers, providing them with advanced recommendations, and helping them make data-driven decisions to maximize their cloud investments.

Assess your internal operations

Consider the following questions as a starting point:

  1. Do you have real time visibility of cost and usage across your multi cloud operation? What is the granularity and freshness of your data?
  2. Can you easily generate ad hoc reports for internal stakeholders such as a detailed finance report, distribution of costs per customer, breakdown of customers by service? 
  3. Do you have a single view of each customers’ cloud footprint? Can you access all their invoices, reports, and dashboards in one place?
  4. Do you rely on manual billing processes that take days/weeks to complete? How often do you have issues with billing that result in absorbed costs or missed volume discounts?
  5. Have you implemented ‌FinOps best practices within your organization? What is your frequency of rate and usage optimization? Do you share recommendations with your customers? 
  6. Can you sustain a high profit margin? Are you able to calculate cloud unit economics metrics? Can you track costs over time?

MSPs can increase profitability and customer satisfaction by simplifying and automating their internal operations with the right FinOps tool.

Optimize your internal operations

Anodot helps MSPs simplify and automate their internal operations, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction:


  • See your entire cloud footprint in one place—track inventory, cost, usage, and performance across all resource types and cloud providers
  • Create any report you need with best-in-class data ingestion, normalization, granularity, and retention
  • Understand your cloud unit economics, and improve profitability with rate and usage optimization recommendations
  • Implement standardized FinOps best practices and capabilities internally and externally to reduce costs and deliver value
  • Quickly and accurately allocate all your costs to customers and automatically generate invoices
  • Get a 360-degree view of every customer—see all their invoices and reports, add notes to streamline account management, and track realized and unrealized ROI.

Ready to act?

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