Rebill and Invoice Your Customers Accurately

Anodot helps MSPs automate their rebilling processes so they can always accurately report and bill for multi-cloud services.

Leverage your rebilling processes

Anodot’s platform enables MSPs to automate rebilling processes with accuracy, eliminating manual processes and third-party solutions. We provide transparent and precise cost and usage data across multiple cloud services, backed up by detailed, white-labeled invoices that match the cloud provider format. With Anodot, you can create dynamic billing rules seamlessly, maintain control over credits passed on to your customers, and gain cost savings. Schedule a meeting with us to revolutionize your rebilling operations.


Simplify your rebilling operations

Rebilling is a headache for resellers, especially on AWS, which requires costly manual processes or third-party solutions. Make a mistake and you could be stuck with your customers’ liabilities. With Anodot, customer data doesn’t need to be manually recalculated. Instead, you can easily roll back discounts and refunds, reallocate RIs/SPs, assign billing tiers, and recalculate data automatically.

Give your customers accurate cost and usage data

Since MSP billing data differs from cloud provider billing data, resellers often disable all default billing data for customers. With Anodot, you can provide customers with access to detailed, accurate cost and usage data based on their invoices, removing partner discounts or allocations. Your customers can also receive white-labeled invoices that match the cloud provider format.

Get a complete picture of your margins

As a reseller, you’re already dealing with small margins and constant contract arbitrage. With Anodot, you have full visibility on your margins, as well as insights that can help you maximize margins and improve profitability. See your margins broken down by type, including total margin, RI margin, SP margin, and tiers margin.

Create billing rules on the fly

It’s hard for resellers to manage their rebilling operations without strong technical and billing teams, since discounts and custom charges are often handled through APIs that aren’t intuitive. With Anodot, your team has an easy-to-use UI for adding any type of custom charges (e.g., support fees, flat fees), discounts (e.g., EDP, flat-rate), or even changing rates (e.g., CloudFront DTO rate).


Easily manage reseller credits

As a reseller, you need the ability to control the amount of credits you pass on to your customers‌. With Anodot, reseller credits can be easily managed and applied to the customer’s tenant based on the total cost—after partner discounts are removed.


Deliver FinOps to your customers

FinOps presents one of the largest opportunities for MSPs to deliver cloud leadership and realize cost savings for their customers. Anodot helps MSPs establish this practice quickly with a proven FinOps platform that leverages best practices and robust capabilities.

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