Anodot AI-powered Analytics for Telcos

Provide  innovative services, better manage network operations, and decrease customer churn

For telecom companies, even the tiniest drop in service quality or availability can not only undermine the trust that customers put in them, but can cost  millions of dollars.

The challenge is further complicated by having to track and analyze terabytes of streaming data at detailed levels trying to discover any underlying network performance issues to avoid unexpected outages.


Anodot can analyze and generate insights for terabytes of siloed network data, to promote insights when incidents occur.

Drive Real-Time Root Cause Assessment and Action

Anodot Quickly Gets to the Root of the Issue

Anodot’s AI-powered Analytics automatically learns your business data’s normal behavior, even tracking cross-platform data across the telecom enterprise, and then provides real-time alerts on any metric or combination of metrics that behave abnormally.

By tracking data over time to automatically detect anomalies, Anodot delivers real-time alerts that can optimize service levels, reduce service downtime, improve customer satisfaction, and maximize profitability.

Incident Detection and Notification

Anodot’s AI Analytics tracks all the telco-related KPIs you need to know, like:

  • Minutes of Usage (MOU)
  • Call Drop Rate (CDR)
  • HOSR (Handover Success Rate)
  • ARPU ( Average Revenue Per User)
  • ARPM (Average Revenue Per Minute
  • International Roaming Revenue
  • Regional Roaming Usage
  • Average Call Duration
  • Network Usage
  • Network Congestion

Customer Successes

“Anodot’s automatic anomaly detection gives us faster insights to ensure we deliver the best experience and reliable services for our customers.”

VP Network Engineering

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You’re in Great Company

Hundreds of data-driven companies use Anodot, including:


Discover Business Incidents in Real Time

“Anodot…allowing more businesses to identify issues and opportunities in real time that otherwise could have taken weeks to discover.”

David Menninger,
Ventana Research