Partner Monitoring

Autonomous API Performance Monitoring

Anodot keeps tabs on billions of daily events across all your APIs, alerting you to the mission-critical incidents that impact your revenue.

Monitor your API data

Guarantee the smooth running of the APIs that power your applications. Ensure reliability and consistency by monitoring all your API endpoints for anomalies in:



Average Response Time

200 OK Status Code Rate

HTTP Error Rate

Activity & Limits

Would you know if your API is down?

An API failure often takes down multiple other dependent applications, creating a catastrophic chain of events. Gaps in API performance don’t only impact user experience, but also disrupt workflows, damage brand reputation, and can lead to significant revenue loss—ultimately creating even more damage than application-level failures.

That’s why it’s imperative to ensure the availability, functionality, and performance of all APIs, at all times.

Connect your API

Monitoring your API with Anodot is quick and easy—simply use one of our built-in collectors. You can also instruct your application code to send events directly to the Anodot web app.

Anodot learns the normal behavior of every single metric within minutes, and starts monitoring all incoming data for anomalous behavior.

Get real-time alerts

Leave alert storms, false positives and false negatives behind. Anodot autonomously learns the normal behavior of every metric in your API data to distill billions of data events into the single, scored, spot-on alerts that you need to know about right now.

Anodot notifies you about incidents immediately via email, Slack, PagerDuty or even Webhook.

Autonomous & adaptable monitoring

Once synced, Anodot automatically starts monitoring all your API data in real-time. There’s no need to define what data to look for or when no manual thresholds to set up or update. Easily create advanced API monitors right from the alert dashboard. You can even add events such as deployments and new feature releases for greater context when incidents occur.

Anodot’s patented machine learning monitors the functionality, performance, correctness, and speed of every API call.

Take the guesswork out of API monitoring

Real-time high-
definition coverage

Fastest incident detection
and resolution

Fully autonomous