Monitoring that
your business

Anodot monitors 100% of your business data in real time,
so you can proactively resolve revenue, cost, and customer experience issues before they impact your business

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You’re missing out on 85% of your data

There is simply too much data to analyze and not enough time, resources, and talent to make it happen. Anodot’s AI analytics can analyze 100% of the data you collect, detect anomalies and business incidents in real-time and identify their root cause, enabling you to remedy problems faster and capture opportunities sooner.

No more blind spots

Oversee your entire business in one platform

Protect your revenues
Manage your costs
Assure your CX
Protect your revenues
Protect your revenues

Identify potential issues in real time

Manage your costs
Manage your costs

Get engineers to take action

Assure your CX
Assure your cx

Eliminate digital experience blind spots

Anomaly Detection + Action

Know first.

Drop in Transaction Success Rate for critical

Identify and resolve incidents before they impact your customers, revenue, or costs with Anodot’s patented monitoring technology. Get the full context of what is happening and easily initiate automated actions for the fastest time to resolution.

Drop in Transaction Success Rate for critical


Real time, actionable alerts you need to know about right now

Completely autonomous learning, monitoring and correlations

Easy integration to any data source in your stack

Fastest time to value – up and running in days, not months