The Anodot elves have been busy in the workshop, building new features to improve Anodot results and user experience. Over the last few weeks, we have rolled out the following new features:


We introduced an “Events” feature to help you create a timeline of milestones and events including deployment, holidays and occasional alerts that may affect the behavior of monitored metrics. Each event or set of events includes a time and meta-data description and is plotted as a single vertical line on a chart. This feature can be useful as we get closer to the holiday season. Read more about it in our documentation.


Event and Alerts Correlation

You can now easily correlate between events and alerts by going to your alert and defining the types of events you want to see with the alert. Read more about it in our documentation.

events and alerts

Simplified Metric Search

You can now use simple search for metrics based on a limited number of predetermined parameters. Read more about it in our documentation.

New Features Make the Anodot Experience Even Better


We have also made some improvements to existing features including:


  • Customize y-axis values range
  • Set graph title as a hyperlink to external resource

New analytics functions

  • “Exponential Moving Average” to create a dashboard and alerts with an exponential moving average function
  • “Moving Median” to create a dashboard with moving median function


  • Improved API error codes and error descriptions
  • New API for posting a metrics in JSON format (AKA Anodot metric 2.0)


  • Increased dropdown size in metric composer
  • Display dashboard name in full screen
  • Display alert name in alert simulation

Do you have ideas or suggestions for features or improvements? We would love to hear from you. Let us know at [email protected].


Written by Shay Lang

Shay is VP R&D and a founder of Anodot. He has spent his career directing R&D and product engineering teams in the software and cybersecurity space, for companies such as Trustwave, M86 Security, Finjan Software and Voltaire. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and an Executive MBA from Tel Aviv University.

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