With the speed of change in artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, podcasts are an excellent way to stay up-to-date on recent developments, new innovations, and gain exposure to experts’ personal opinions, regardless if they can be proven scientifically. Great examples of the thought-provoking topics that are perfect for a podcast’s longer-form, conversational format include the road to AGI, AI ethics and safety, and the technology’s overall impact on society.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 favorite podcasts (listed alphabetically) related to data science, AI and machine learning.

AI in Business

Hosted by Daniel Faggella, the founder of the AI research and advisory company Emerj, this weekly podcast features interviews from top AI and machine learning-focused researchers, investors, and executives. Industries covered range from financial services, pharma, retail, defense, and more. Faggella delves into important trends and applications of AI, evaluating the AI applications that are driving real business value and those that are still experimental, as well as strategic AI considerations.

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Artificial Intelligence Podcast by Intel

The Artificial Intelligence Podcast by Intel features interviews with a diverse group of industry leaders, as well as Intel’s own executives. With guests such as Yann LeCun and Andrew Ng, the podcast brings together some of the world’s top AI thought leaders to discuss the latest innovations and viewpoints on industry developments.

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Data Crunch

Hosted by the data science training and consulting company, Data Crunch, this podcast features discussions with entrepreneurs and experts about what they’ve learned by implementing these new technologies, including successes, failures, and outcomes. The podcast also approaches technical AI/ML topics and concepts in an accessible way that anyone can understand.

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The Data Exchange

Hosted by Ben Lorica, a prominent thought leader in the field of AI, The Data Exchange is an independent podcast series focused on data, machine learning and AI. Outside of the podcast, Ben is currently the principal of Gradient Flow Research and former chief data scientist at O’Reilly Media. He also advises several fast-growing AI companies, such as Anodot, AnyScale, and Databricks.

The Data Exchange is a more technical and applied AI podcast with episodes on topics such as securing machine learning applications, end-to-end deep learning models for speech applications, and detecting fake news.

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Data Skeptic

Hosted by Kyle Polich, the Data Skeptic is a weekly podcast that seeks to apply a critical, scientific approach to evaluate the efficacy and claims of artificial intelligence. The podcast describes itself as “your source for a perspective of scientific skepticism on topics in statistics, machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, and data science.”

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Data Stories

Hosted by two data visualization experts, Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner, Data Stories is a “podcast on data and how it affects our lives”. With episodes such as Visualizing COVID-19, Cognitive Science for Data Visualization, and Data is Personal, this podcast highlights the importance of data visualization and storytelling in order to communicate the significance of the underlying data.

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Eye On A.I.

Hosted by longtime New York Times correspondent Craig S. Smith, the Eye on A.I. podcast offers a mix of news and events coverage, and discussions with industry professionals. The podcast aims to put the incremental progress of AI research into a broader context and consider the societal implications of the technology.

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Fridman Podcast

Formerly called the Artificial Intelligence podcast, this podcast is hosted by renowned MIT researcher Lex Fridman, and is described as “conversations about the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power.” With guests ranging from Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Richard Dawkins, the podcast’s discussions are wide-ranging and include conversations about AI, science, technology, philosophy, and more.

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In Machines We Trust

Hosted by Jennifer Strong and the MIT Technology Review team, In Machines We Trust describes itself as “a podcast about the automation of everything”. Artificial intelligence is making increasingly important decisions in our lives such as college admissions, job applications, and criminal proceedings. This podcast explores the powerful (and often frightening) ways that AI is shaping modern life.

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Practical AI: Machine Learning & Data Science

Hosted by data scientist Daniel Whitenack and emerging technology strategist Chris Benson, Practical AI is dedicated to “making artificial intelligence practical, productive, and accessible to everyone”. The podcast brings together AI experts, technology professionals, and even students to discuss the latest advances, while keeping the conversion focused on productive implementations and real-world scenarios.

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The TWIML AI Podcast

Formerly called This Week in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the TWIML AI Podcast brings together thought leaders and influencers from the AI/ML community, including data scientists, ML engineers, and tech-savvy business leaders. Hosted by AI/ML analyst Sam Charrington, the show explores topics and technologies such as data science, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and more.

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Voices in AI

Published by technology research and analysis company GigaOm, Voices in AI features one-on-one interviews hosted by company CEO Byron Reese. Guests range from authors, engineers, and scientists, and covers a range of social, economical, and philosophical implications of artificial intelligence. As the podcast puts it, “With a topic as rich as AI, there is seldom a slow moment.”

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That’s it for our top ten list of the best podcasts in the AI/ML and data science field. This list is certainly not exhaustive and there are many other great podcasts out there, but it’s a good place to start if you want to stay up-to-date on the industry. Did we forget a great podcast in the list? Tweet us your suggestions @TeamAnodot.

Written by Anodot

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