The Need: Expand Metrics Monitored

As a real-time trading company, eToro must be able to provide users with reliable market rates as quickly as possible, so they must closely monitor the quality of the connection from both the client and the server side. eToro had been using open source tools to monitor the metrics from their Price Streams service that sends price quotes to their users.

The company quickly realized that it needed to expand the number of metrics being monitored and faced resource challenges adapting their traditional monitoring tools to meet the new demands.

Anodot Hits the Bull’s Eye

Download the full case study to find out how Anodot helps eToro monitor the health of every client request and stay ahead of potential problems to ensure they meet regulatory requirements.

“For us, Anodot means rapid insights from our data, pointing us to where to look at the raw logs in Splunk. This tight relationship between the two systems helps us detect incidents faster and get to the root cause faster, which is critical for our business.”

 – Elad Gotfrid, eToro Director of IT


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