The Background: Static Thresholds Caused Too Many False Positives

As a leading adtech company, Netseer sees a large portion of internet traffic and uses its algorithms to analyze the content, bringing these together to provide publishers with targeted ads, and bidding on advertising exchanges. When Greg Pendler joined Netseer as Senior Director of Technical Operations, he immediately brought in several tools such as Graphite and alerting systems to track the company’s business and operational KPIs, yet they still were not alerted accurately on key business problems they were facing.

Standard static thresholds were causing either too many false positives, or not enough alerts. In addition, performance issues would crop up from time to time when new services were implemented and the Netseer team had no way to identify them quickly.

Anodot Provides Real-Time Business Insights

Netseer implemented Anodot easily by pulling in the Graphite data, and they saw an immediate result, with Anodot highlighting issues that they could not have known about otherwise by detecting anomalies in the streaming data. Previous monitoring tools that Netseer used provided singular elements of detection and reporting that needed to be patched together to get the information they needed. With Anodot, running on AWS, one solution works together, integrated with Graphite to provide complete business incident detection and notification.

“Every time we start a new service Anodot finds something that we could not have found through our QA process. In fact, we recently added logging for frontend errors sent from clients, and Anodot helps us easily identify if specific site experiences increase in browser script errors or if there is a general increase in faults.” Pendler said. “Anodot has sent several useful post-deployment alerts that have enabled us to respond immediately and fix bugs that could have negatively impacted revenue.”

“AI and Deep learning is finding its way to our cars, cell phones and home appliances,” said Behnam Rezaei, CTO and cofounder of Netseer. “Anodot is now bringing that level of automation to our infrastructure and application monitoring.”

Ease of Use Means Wide Adoption

Anodot’s ease of use and the fact that it can analyze all types of business and technical data enables multiple teams throughout Netseer to benefit.

“There may be other anomaly detection solutions on the market, but none of them are as simple to set up and configure as Anodot,” said Pendler. “With such comprehensive anomaly detection, a knowledgeable and helpful support staff and the added bonus of being easy to learn and use, Anodot was a clear choice for all of our teams.”

Netseer Sees a Productive Future with Anodot Solutions

The company had a quick and widespread adoption process, and Pendler expects the entire company to benefit from access to Anodot.

“We’re adopting Anodot throughout practically the whole company. We started with monitoring our infrastructure, and then quickly saw the benefit to tracking key product and campaign KPIs. I can’t imagine a day going by without our teams checking how we are doing on Anodot.”

– Amir Bakhshaie, Head of Product 

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Written by Anodot

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