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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Making its first-ever debut, Data World is a premier, week-long event that will connect the top minds in data analytics for thought-provoking discussions. Hosted by Anodot, the autonomous business monitoring company, Data World is a free event that will take place October 19-23, 2020 and will stream live via Data Academy, a centralized learning hub and thought leadership platform.

Data World will offer can’t-miss interactive panel discussions, featuring the top minds of today’s most notable data-driven companies across multiple industries, including eCommerce, adtech, telecom and fintech. Attendees will walk away with newly acquired knowledge of how to leverage successful data strategies implemented by their peers.

“During a time of economic upheaval and lack of in-person industry conferences, Data World presents the opportunity for practitioners to discuss the strategic importance of using data insights to adapt to the new norm apparent across businesses today,” said David Drai, CEO and co-founder of Anodot. “This isn’t about the vendor behind the technology, but rather, the digital strategies that are driving better decision-making.”

Technologists and data leaders representing companies such as Vimeo, AppsFlyer, T-Mobile Netherlands, Gong, Redis Labs, Spot by NetApp, GetYourGuide, Gainsight, Wix and Vdx.tv will be in attendance.

“Data World is a venue for collaborative learning and debuts at a time where we as industry practitioners must come together and set the stage for what’s to come in 2021,” said Lior Solomon, Head of Data, Vimeo, who’s participating in the panel, “Proactive Customer Experience Monitoring.” “We’re hopeful that those attending will walk away with newfound knowledge of how today’s digital business can succeed in a time when customer satisfaction and loyalty is so critical to any organization.”

Beginning on Monday, October 19, Data World will offer a jam-packed schedule of panels. Anodot will be joined by leaders from data-driven companies to discuss:

  • Saving Big on Cloud Costs – speakers from Spot, Wix and GetYourGuide will discuss how they’ve optimized cloud usage to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Demand Gen Like a Pro – speakers from AppsFlyer and Gong will offer real-world methods for managing spend, their favorite attribution models and services, the KPIs and alerts they monitor most, how to automate tasks and optimization success stories.
  • The Future of Network Monitoring – T-Mobile and Anodot’s Chief Data Scientist, Ira Cohen, will discuss the technologies that are supporting today’s critical initiatives, such as transitioning to the cloud, 5G deployment and high-speed broadband, in addition to implementation strategies.
  • Proactive Customer Experience Monitoring – data and customer success leaders from Vimeo and Redis Labs will address the challenges of monitoring a large customer base and will offer advice on how to use real-time monitoring and alerts to anticipate customer needs.
  • Building Resilient Products – tech and product leaders from Gainsight and Exponential will share proven strategies for creating a customer-centric culture for product and engineering teams and useful tools to support these initiatives.

To register and learn more, visit the Data World event page and the Data Academy platform.

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